Kelly Ronahan: Amputation and her Full Story Explained

Kelly Ronahan

Who is Kelly Ronahan?

Kelly Ronahan is a young and promising Ballet dancer whose story took a different and sad turn. Kelly Ronahan first gained recognition in 2014. What exactly happened to her? Were Kelly Ronahan’s legs amputated? Am pretty confident most people learned about her story through TikTok and are willing to know more about the young lady’s story.

Only a hand full of people actually witnessed Kelly’s transformation from a healthy woman with dreams of returning to ballet to a frail lady who required her leg amputation to save her life. As many may describe it Ronahan’s story is extremely moving.

Ronahan’s decline was made worse by the fact that no one could diagnose her condition. She jumped from one mysterious illness to the next, prompting claims that she made up her symptoms to attract attention. According to a bizarre internet rumor, Kelly injected feces into her legs to induce sepsis.

What happened to Kelly Ronahan?

As said earlier, According to theNextline Kelly Ronahan first caught the attention of many in early 2014: The young talented dancer needed weekly blood transfusions to manage a rare blood disease. Doctors couldn’t figure out why her hemoglobin count kept plummeting every week. 

By March 2016, she’d received 95 liters of blood. “I get three bags every two weeks, so that’s three people, three blood donors to save me every two weeks,” Kelly told Global News. [Without the transfusions] I would go into organ failure, and within a month or six weeks, I would be dead.”

The then 32-year-old woman says she enjoyed a healthy, active lifestyle until a routine blood test revealed some puzzling numbers.“My iron was at zero and then [my doctor] mentioned my hemoglobin was low,” says Ronahan. “I didn’t really know at the time what hemoglobin was so he explained that it was actually just my blood.”

The former Okanagan College student and ballet dancer/teacher said her life is now on hold. Week after week, her body continues to wane, reducing her energy levels in the interview with Global News.

Kelly’s condition worsened despite the blood transfusions to save her life. Her condition prevented her from working as a ballet teacher again. “I’m scared to hear about the future because, with each transfusion, I’m becoming more and more intolerant to blood,” Kelly said.

Kelly’s story drew sympathy from netizens, who showered her with love and encouragement every time she posted an update. Kelly Ronahan became involved with a blood donation organization in order to encourage people to donate blood.

Ronahan Kelly was hospitalized for seizures in July 2016. Doctors released her after discovering she was faking the seizures.

People organized a blood drive in her honor in response to her admission. Even after informing people about the doctors’ findings, she continued to receive support. Several blood drives were held in Kelly’s honor throughout 2016.

Kelly’s appearance on a local news channel reinforced the notion that she was seriously ill and needed assistance to survive.

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Kelly’s port became infected in early 2017, resulting in sepsis. Sepsis is the body’s extreme response to an infection. It is a life-threatening medical emergency. Sepsis happens when an infection you already have triggers a chain reaction throughout your body. Infections that lead to sepsis most often start in the lung, urinary tract, skin, or gastrointestinal tract.

Ronahan also revealed to her followers that she had struggled with exercise obsession and eating disorders. She also claimed to have harmed herself prior to becoming ill, but the scars she posted did not appear to be three years old.

Kelly Ronahan’s port became infected once more, requiring doctors to monitor her for three weeks. Kelly developed seizures and a rash just before her scheduled discharge. Kelly went to the hospital for a different reason in April 2017 and had her blood drawn.

Her hemoglobin count was normal, leading to speculation that she had been faking a rare condition for attention. Kelly shot down the rumors, accusing the doctor of plotting against her.

She blamed MS and uterine fibroids for her blood condition but didn’t have the evidence to support her assertions. Kelly Ronahan claimed she needed a hysterectomy to eliminate the fibroids.

Rumors that Kelly was faking it had gained traction by 2018. Doctors removed her port in April 2018 because she no longer required transfusions.

Kelly reported swelling on her feet and blisters that appeared out of nowhere a month later. Kelly’s blisters grew larger as she picked at them rashly. She claimed she was in so much pain that she needed pain medication, but doctors refused to prescribe it.

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Kelly Ronahan’s condition deteriorated as the year progressed, and the scabs grew into much larger wounds. When she began having seizures and developed blisters on her hands, the medical mystery became more complicated.

Doctors are concerned about circulation issues and nerve damage as the wounds on her legs become more visible. Kelly’s mental health has suffered as a result of the hate she received on social media.

As her condition worsened, the photos she posted became increasingly difficult to look at. She informed her followers that she had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease by doctors. She received skin grafts in 2019 and appeared to improve.

In early April 2019, She took to her Instagram and posted that she’d completed her first walk in months and was delighted about it. Kelly wrote:

It was so intense after being trapped by my legs for so long. I am admittedly very sore today, and I love it! I’ve been in such a dark place, for SO long, so so long. My mind is trying to syk me out – omg what if it happens again – or – What if this is a dream and I wake up with rotten legs?

Kelly Ronahan 2023, Is her leg Amputated

Where is Kelly Ronahan now? Is her leg amputated? Kelly returned to the hospital several weeks after her hopeful Instagram post after picking at the wounds on her legs. She was committed for three days so that doctors could save her legs.

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Several experts examined her case, but none were able to diagnose her condition. Kelly began to lose feeling in her legs and ankles as time passed. Because of their large size and her inability to stop interfering with recovery, the wounds refused to heal.

Eventually, doctors recommended that she undergo amputation. By then, one of her toes had fallen off. Kelly posted the following update after the procedure:

“I started physio only several hours after surgery. Good fuck it hurts, but I’m not interested in spending yet another summer in bed – going to be working hard. Not gonna lie, I cry about 20 times per day, I’m absolutely devastated and shocked to shit with this. It’s HARD.” Doctors amputated Kelly’s legs in May 2021.

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