Mitchelle Blair Killed and Kept her Children in Fridge-Her Full Story

Mitchelle Blair

Who is Mitchelle Blair?

Mitchelle Blair is an American convicted murderer who Tortured, killed, and kept two of her kids’ Stoni Ann Blair And Stephen Gage Berry dead bodies in a small deep freezer, and left them for almost three years before she was arrested. Where is she now? What happened to Mitchelle Blair? Keep reading to find out more.

In 2015, what was supposed to be a straightforward eviction, sent shockwaves through Detroit as authorities were bringing Mitchelle Blair’s belongings outside.

35-year-old Mitchelle Blair was living on the east side of Detroit with her four kids when she was due for eviction from her apartment. After she was evicted she was always asking her relatives for money and wasn’t able to keep a steady job. Relatives said those calls stopped when they refused to help and advised her to get a job and go back to school.

Mitchelle Blair: What really happened?

After the advice from the relatives, Mitchelle Blair apparently ignored their advice, as she was served with an eviction notice on March 24, 2015. But she wasn’t present in the apartment at the time. That’s when a crew from the 36th District Court entered the house and began removing furniture.

The eviction crew found a deep freezer and when they opened it they found something that no person should ever have to see, a shocking scene that sent shocks throughout the community and the country at large.

To the shock of the crew, inside the white deep freezer located in the living room of the home, was the frozen body of a teenage girl wrapped in a large plastic bag. The eviction crew were quick to call the police to the scene. When the police arrived, they made yet another discovery: the body of a boy right underneath her.

Mitchelle Blair’s whereabouts were quickly revealed by a neighbor. Police discovered her at another neighbor’s house with her two children, ages eight and seventeen, but her other children, Stephen Gage Berry, nine, and Stoni Ann Blair, thirteen, remained missing.

After some brief questioning by the crime scene police officers, Mitchelle Blair was arrested for murder. When the police took her away, they said she proclaimed, “I’m sorry.”

Meanwhile, authorities moved the bodies to a morgue for three days to thaw so that an autopsy could be performed. Blair’s children, Stephen Berry and Stoni Blair were identified. Their deaths were ruled homicides by the medical examiner, who determined that they had been in the freezer for at least a couple of years- Three years.

Why did Mitchelle Blair Kill her children?

The main reason she gruesomely murdered her two children in the first place was, that they were sexually abusing each other and both abusing their younger siblings. This story involves rape among siblings, verbal and physical abuse, and worse, murder by a mother. Read further for more details.

The Gruesome Murders Of Stoni Ann Blair And Stephen Gage Berry by their mother

In court, Blair told the presiding judge that she did not feel any remorse over her actions. She told the judge “I would kill them again.”Mitchelle Blair confessed to the murders at the Wayne County Circuit Court. She told Judge Dana Hathaway that she killed her “demons” after finding out they were raping her youngest son – a claim that has never been substantiated.

Mitchelle Blair appeared to be a caring mother who would go to any length for her children. In reality, she verbally and physically abused all of her children.

Blair had four children: two girls, Gabrielle and Stoni, fathered by Alexander Dorsey, and two boys, Stephen Berry, Stephen, and Matthew. The entire family remained in Detroit, Michigan.

According to Blair, when she returned home one day in August 2012, she discovered her son simulating sexual activity with dolls. Blair then asked him, “Why are you doing that?” “Has anyone ever done this to you?”

When he told her that his brother Stephen had, she went upstairs to confront him. Blair said he confessed, and that’s when she began punching and kicking him before placing a garbage bag over his head until he lost consciousness.

Thus, for the next week, Mitchelle Blair severely beat her son Stephen, choked him, and threw hot water at him whilst he was naked in the bathroom. Blair stated that she repeatedly poured scalding hot water on his genitals, causing his son Stephen’s skin to peel off.

She later made Stephen drink Windex and wrapped a belt around her son’s neck, lifted him up, and asked, “Do you like how this feels, choked with a belt?” In the end, the poor boy, Stephen died on August 30, 2012, and Blair hid his body in the freezer.

Stephen Gage Berry’s murder: recorded confession

“I went upstairs and I said, Stephen, Matthew said you were humping on him. He stood up and looked at me like he had lost his mind. He said yes…So I started punching Stephen… I put a bag over his head, he lost consciousness, I did that a couple of times….” —Mitchelle Blair

Murder of her second child, Stoni Ann Blair

Mitchelle Blair claimed that nine months after murdering Stephen, she discovered that her daughter Stoni Ann Blair was also raping her youngest son. For days, Blair beat Stoni, starved her, threw hot water at her naked body, and finally strangled her until she died in May 2013.

She planned to turn herself in to the police, but when her youngest son told her he didn’t want her to, she made other plans. Then, she asked her oldest daughter, Gabrielle, to put Stoni’s body in the freezer.

Stoni Ann Blair’s murder: recorded confession

“She raped my son. I intentionally killed her. When I found out what Stoni was doing to Matthew it was nine months later after I found out about Stephen. So, for the whole nine months that we were in the house, she was still raping my child. I did not know that.

When I first found out, I repeatedly punched her. On many occasions. I punched her, put a bag over her head till she lost consciousness, I threw hot water on her, I hit her on her head multiple times, over and over….” —Mitchelle Blair confesed

And Blair claimed that Stoni was sexually abusing Stephen way before she started abusing Matthew.

“She(Stoni) started telling me many things. And, I also asked her, ‘Then why didn’t Stephen tell me when I asked him, did anybody do this to him? Why didn’t he tell me that you were doing it to him?’ Because Stoni was going upstairs, beating Stephen, threatening him if he talked.” — Mitchelle Blair

So, According to Mitchelle Blair, The Events Happened as Follows

  • Stoni sexually abused Stephen.
  • Both Stoni and Stephen sexually abused Matthew.
  • Matthew confided in Blair about the sexual abuse he suffered from Stephen.
  • Stoni beat and threatened Stephen, so he would not snitch on her.
  • Blair killed Stephen.
  • Blair found out that Stoni was also abusing Matthew and had abused Stephen.
  • Blair killed Stoni.

Mitchelle Blair’s children, Stephen Gage Berry and Stoni Ann Blair were in the deep freezer for almost three years, and no one looked for them. They had absentee fathers and Blair had previously taken them out of school. She told school officials that she was going to teach them at home. When neighbors asked about the children’s whereabouts, she always had an excuse.

Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb stated that no evidence of rape was discovered. Mitchelle Blair’s parental rights to the surviving children were terminated by Wayne County Circuit Judge Edward Joseph. The children were placed for adoption by Child Protective Services.

Mitchelle Blair pleaded guilty in June 2015 to two counts of first-degree premeditated murder and is now serving a life sentence at the Huron Valley Correctional Facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan without the possibility of parole.

Mitchelle Blair documentary is also on Netflix. The documentary gives a visual insight into the whole murder scene and the court trials. you can check it out

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