Debra Jeter: Murdered Her Daughter & Injured The Other, Where Is She Now?

Debra Jeter

Debra Jeter rose to fame as the woman who murdered her daughter, Kelsey Jeter, and brutally injured her other child Kiersten Jeter. She confessed to murdering her young daughter and was arrested. She was given a life sentence in jail with no prospect of release. Debra claimed that she decided to commit this sin because her husband decided to get a divorce from her and she was going through a custody battle for her kids and didn’t want the kids to feel her pain.

Debra Jeter: Bio Summary

NameDebra Jeter
ChildrenKirsten, Kelsey Jeter
SpouseLester Lee Jeter

Debra Jeter is identified as the woman who was married to a man named Lee Jeter. Debra and Lee are parents to two daughters, Kiersten and Kelsey Jeter. Lee Jeter asked for a divorce from Debra Jeter. Why Lester filed for divorce is unclear. They had to fight for custody of their two daughters, Kiersten and Kelsey.

Lee Jeter with his daughters Kelsey and Kiersten

Debra Jeter reportedly attempted suicide as she could not face the thought of losing her husband and children. Her husband, Lee, sought a restraining order against Debra over fears that she might harm their children. The court granted Lee a temporary restraining order against Debra.

“She may be released within a few days, and I am concerned about her possible actions regarding the children,” Lester said. However, Debra was granted unsupervised visitation by the courts and the restraining order against her was lifted. Debra Jeter told her kids she had a surprise for them.

Debra picked up her children, Kelsey and Kiersten, and took them to an abandoned house in rural Hill County. There she attacked Kelsey and Kiersten with a knife. She attacked Kiersten first, and Kiersten told Kelsey to run. Debra Jeter then stabbed Kiersten in the back before chasing Kelsey. She caught up with Kelsey and beat her in the neck until she died.

Debra returned to the injured Kelsey and cut her throat open. Debra Jeter turned herself in to police after murdering her 12-year-old daughter, Kelsey Leanne Jeter. Kiersten Leigh Jeter, who was 13, survived despite severe injuries. Authorities claimed Kiersten was mortally wounded while allegedly trying to defend her sister. Debra Jeter called 911 and stated that she had ended her daughter’s life.

Debra Jeter said during her 911 call, “I’m strolling around the home, and, um, one of them is still alive. She is pleading for rescue, and I couldn’t deal with it. Debra, a certified nurse, pressed the dispatcher for an ambulance rather than attending to her daughter. Debra warned Kiersten, her oldest daughter, that “they’re coming.”

The Authorities arrived and Debra had her hands up while the murder weapon lay on the roof of a nearby car. Lee Jeter told CNN that, Kelsey lay dead in the bathroom while Kiersten held on to life in the bedroom. “She [Kiersten] was cut from one side of her neck all the way to the other. And her airway was cut and one of her main arteries were cut.”

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Kiersten lost a lot of blood but was conscious when help arrived. A medical helicopter airlifted her to Parkland Hospital, where she underwent life-saving surgery. Debra Jeter was arrested and placed on suicide watch at Hill County Law Enforcement Center. Hill County Sheriff Jeffrey T. Lyon called the scene ‘horrific.’ Debra Jeter was sentenced to imprisonment with no prospect of release.

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Debra’s daughter Kiersten was spared the testimony in court and the family was spared the threat of the death penalty. She was accused of both attempted and actual capital murder. After pleading guilty to murdering her daughter and hurting her other daughter, Debra Jeter showed remorse for her actions and before going to prison, Debra apologized to her husband and daughter, who were still alive.

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