Judy Hopps: Zootopia Hero Cop Character Analysis

Judy Hopps is Disney’s Zootopia Hero Cop, and Nick Wilde’s best friend who proved anyone can be anything as long as they believed in themselves and never give up. Judy Hopps is the first bunny to work for Zootopia’s police force. Judy, determined to prove herself, jumps at the chance to solve a case, even if it involves collaborating with a con artist fox Nick Wilde who later became a friend.

After growing up in the rural town of Bunnyburrow, Judy now works as a proud and confident rabbit in Zootopia’s huge city. Zootopia is a massive metropolis, and her boss is a massive buffalo, but Judy’s will and determination are as strong as anyone’s.

Growing up in Bunnyburrow, Judy Hopps’ environment was pretty laid-back. Her parents Mr. and Mrs. Hopps are complacent, saying, “When you don’t try, you won’t fail.” This kind of attitude they tried to instill in their children but Judy had a different game plan of her own. 

It came as a surprise to her parents when Judy made a bold calm right on stage during a school play about careers that she wanted to become a police officer in no other place than the free city of Zootopia. 

The city of Zootopia is well known for its peace and harmonious living between prey and predators, and this young bunny, Judy has a dream of joining the Zootopia city as a law enforcer.

As a police officer, unfortunately, Judy Hopps’ boss, Police Chief Bogo doesn’t trust her to do tough detective work because she is a bunny. Bogo relegated her to meter maid duties which the Valedictorian and fresh police academy graduate did with all her strength but wish she was given something tougher.

What Bogo doesn’t realize is that Judy is a tough lady and when she puts her mind to something, she makes sure it succeeds. That means Zootopia illegal parkers are in lots of trouble.

The Zootopian Hero Cop, Judy Hopps is strong-willed, self-motivated, and endlessly optimistic about breaking the stereotype and forging a new path. Judy believes the world is a great place where everything is possible and she is willing to do her part to make it an even better place.

When she first meets Nick Wilde, He tried to tell her she is not as smart as she thinks and Zootopia is not the free City she believes it is. In their conversation, Nick Wilde told her- “Sly foxdumb bunny.” Judy Hopps-“I am not a dumb bunny.” Nick Wilde- “Right. And that’s not wet cement. You’ll never be a real cop. You’re a cute meter-maid though.

Even when the Hero Cop Judy Hopps was surrounded by cynicism and grim prognostications, The Hero cop from Bunnyburrow never loses focus on her dream and the case in front of her. Lives are at stake and Judy won’t let politics, prejudice, or any lingering self-doubt get in her way.

Disney did a great job with the character development of Judy Hopps. The character will serve as an inspiration to lots of young ones and also the old viewers.

How old was Judy Hoops?

In the Zootopia movie, Judy Hopps is a 24 years old Zootopia Police officer from Bunnyburrow.

How old is Nick Wilde?

Nick Wilde is a 32-year-old Zootopia con artist, who later at the end of the movie became a police officer.

What can we learn from Judy Hopps, The Zootopia Hero Cop?

Be Unique

As said earlier, Judy Hopps has been very unique since day one even though her parents tried to be her to be like everyone else. She refused to be a carrot picker (the main job in Bunnyburrow) just like everybody else but rather became a cop in the big city. She defies the norm and breaks the stereotype. Like her parents always say “When you don’t try, you won’t fail.” but Judy Hopps wants to try and is ready to fail and build herself.


The perseverance level of Judy Hopps is another level. Though she had lots of limitations while in the Police academy for being a bunny among Lions, buffalos, tigers, and others she persevered and found a way to use that to her advantage. Judy eventually finished the police academy as the Best student.

The bunny from Bunnyburrow wants to become a Zootopian police officer badly, and she is willing to face the scorching sandstorm or climb up a snowy hill and a lot of other obstacles as part of the training. Apart from being at the top of her class, she is the first bunny to become a police officer, therefore opening the door for more courageous bunnies to also join the force.


When things don’t go as planned Judy Hopps always looks for a solution to get her back on track with her dreams. When she was asked to be a meter maid instead of a real cop, she found a way to jump on one of Zootopia’s biggest cases and eventually solve it.

When all hope was lost in solving the case Judy returned her badge to his superior and went back to Bunnyborrow and her hometown. Officer Hopps was now selling carrots just as the parents wanted her to do from the beginning. Ohh no Judy has not given up on her dreams and case, thinking about what went wrong, it dawned on her that those animals were shot with a flower extract that made them wild. She returned to service with the new lead.

Judy Hopps loves Challenges

Judy Hopps took up the challenge of stopping the string of mammal aggression before it tears the city apart. First, she’ll have to convince her boss who doesn’t think she is tough enough that she can handle the case. When she’s approached to find a missing otter, the Chief Police Officer, Bogo only gives her 48 hours and nowhere near enough resources. She’ll have to use her smarts, training, and a little help from her new friend Nick to solve this one.

Are Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps Dating?

No, they are not dating. In the Movie, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are just police Officer Partners. In the beginning, Nick and Judy did not get along very well but they soon develop a solid friendship. The Zootopia movie ends with no obvious romantic connection. The duo are now very close friends and police officer Pals. The possibility of romance could be revealed in a sequel film, but for now, the two are just close friends after not getting along for long.

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