Top 18 Disney Moms and their Roles as Mothers

You can’t take Disney moms out of Disney movies. The beautiful thing about Disney movies is that they appeal to just about everybody. Most have positive messages that engrave positive and good will into both young one and adults. The lovely world of Disney knows precisely what it’s doing when it comes to developing lovable characters from which viewers may learn and grow.

Taking about  positivity most Disney moms have been a symbol of that as they have inspired young Heros and Heroines to achieve great things. The best Disney moms are the ones who would do anything for people around them and never ask for anything in return, whether they be poor, a lion, or a superhero. These women are altruistic, driven, and some of the best mothers in the Disney universe. We can deny the fact that we all love great Disney mothers. This Disney moms’ list is in no particular order.

Here is a List of Some great Disney moms

1. The Incredibles: Helen Parr

We can’t talk about great Disney moms with mentioning the super mom, Helen Par. Mrs Incredible also called Elastigirl—due to her incredible superpowers in The Incredibles. Married with three kids to Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible, this Disney mother, Helen has been forced to relocate her family multiple times to keep their identity a secret. She is more of a disciplinarian than her husband and uses her superpowers in combination with her mothering skills to maintain order in the house.

As a Disney mother, she is no less vigilant in combating home problems. Helen maintains her family together through thick and thin, whether it’s comforting her daughter that “you have more strength than you realize” or shrieking at her husband, “I can’t believe you don’t want to go to your own son’s graduation.” As a superhero family, Helen Parr worked to adapt her children to normal in the human world..

2. Moana: Sina

Moana is one of disney’s biggest hits. A great Disney musical movie you should check out if you have not. And while everyone fell in love with Moana and Maui, Sina, Moana’s mother is one animated mom who deserves some praise. Sina wants what is best for her and that makes her one of the greatest disney moms.

Sina as a mother is always there for her daughter. Sina, who is playful, intelligent, and strong-willed, understands Moana’s desire to be on the ocean, but she also wants to protect her daughter from the fabled horrors beyond the reef. With an endangerment to her home on the rise, this Disney mother, Sina accepted the fact that her daughter had to sail off to find a cure.

3. Bambi: Bambi’s Mom

Bambi’s mother was featured in the 1922 book Bambi: A Life in the Woods and the 1942 Disney film Bambi. In the movie, a lonely Bambi find his way through the tough forest life without his caring mom to help him through. This is because, Unfortunately, she was killed by a hunter one winter when her son was still young leaving him an orphan. Before her death, she cared greatly for Bambi and helped educate him about forest life.

They had made it through the winter together and were looking forward to spring. Her brief appearance in the film demonstrates how much she cared for her only kid and how she would go to any length to get the two through the harsh winter. Bambi would not be where he is by the end of the film if it weren’t for his mother’s teachings.

4. Lion King: Sarabi:

Sarabi was the Queen of the pride lands and King Mufasa’s wife (later widow) and Simba’s mother. After Mufasa’s death and Simba’s supposed death, Sarabi remained strong, escaping the horrendous lifestyle she was forced to live, standing up against the tyrant king Scar. Simab’s mother, Sarabi is one of the most underrated animated Disney moms. With her help and Simba finding his strength in her, they were able to overthrow Scar.

5. 101 Dalmatians: Perdita

Perdita can’t miss the list of great Disney moms. One Hundred and One Dalmatians was relased in 1961, This Disney movie highlights the point that love and family really do conquer all. As a mother of 15 Dalmatians and somehow remembering all of their names and knowing all of them, Perdita deserves a medal.

Perdita and Pongo embark on a perilous adventure to save the puppies from the hands of the wicked Cruella de Vil and her henchmen (the Badduns). They not only save their 15 puppies, but they also uncover another 84 that are in danger. They rescue the puppies, and Perdita adopts them as her own.

6. Brave: Queen Elinor:

Lady Elinor and Merida don’t always agree. Lady Elinor desires that Merida assume the conventional responsibilities that come with being a princess and, eventually, queen. Merida wishes to be free to write her own story and pursue her own interests, regardless of what is expected of her. This disparity puts the two at odds, but we see both grow to understand each other throughout the course of the film Brave. Lady Elinor isn’t a perfect parent, but that’s part of what makes her so appealing. Her love for her family is undeniable, and her journey with Merida exemplifies the challenges and delights of the mother/daughter bond.

7. Aristocats: Duchess

Duchess is the mother of Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. She was fotunate to be raised by a wealthy older woman in the heart of Paris. That is until their madam’s butler became jealous of them and sought to dispose of them. As one of the top disney moms, She is unselfish and gregarious to everyone. Duchess is both understanding and protective towards her kittens and tries to encourage them to develop into proper members of French society as well.

With her and her three kittens lost on the streets of Paris, Duchess and an an alleycat did everything they could to get her and her babies home.

8. Tarzan: Kala

I’m your mother. I know everything. Now, where have you been?”―Kala to Tarzan. An adoptive mother, Kala is the gorilla who raises the orphaned Tarzan as one of her own. Kala is calm, gentle, kind, and loving. She loves her son Tarzan so unconditionally. She discovers the human child, Tarzan, in a tree house after his parents have been killed by Sabor, the leopardess.  She sings him, “You’ll Be In My Heart” as a lullaby, and the song is a perfect expression of motherly love, “…you’ll be in my heart. Yes, you’ll be in my heart. From this day on now and forever more…” In short, Kala is one of the most selfless Disney moms.

9. Princess And The Frog: Eudora

Eudora is one of The unsung Disney moms. Though the film focuses heavily on Tiana and her father’s connection (particularly their shared desire of owning a restaurant), Eudora’s importance cannot be overstated. She not only encourages Tiana to pursue her aspirations, but she also reminds her of the significance of life outside of work. She doesn’t just want her daughter to be successful; she also wants her to be happy, have fun, and enjoy life to the fullest.

10. Tangled: Queen Arianna

Apart from serving us with one of Disney’s cutest couples, Tangled also gave us a great Disney mom. Queen Arianna and her husband, King Frederic are left mystified when their baby girl was taken away from them. Following the failure of search parties, the king and queen decided to celebrate her memory (and hope for her return) by releasing lanterns into the night sky on her birthday. She never gave up on her daughter though she was not on screen for long and deep down, she always knew, her daughter Rapunzel was alive. Once she saw Rapunzel, she immediately knew that was her child. Thats a mother’s bond right there.

11. Lilo & Stitch: Nani:

If we’re being technical, Nani is Lilo’s sister and not her mother. But she sure did play the mother role like no other. All elder sisters have played the role of a mother to their young siblings at least once. Nani gives up all to provide Lilo with a safe and secure environment. She looks for any work she can get in order to provide for Lilo, encourages her interests and idiosyncrasies, and completely loves her. Ohana, or family, is central to Lilo and Stitch. After all, ohana means “family,” and family means that no one is forgotten or left behind.

12. Gramma Tala (Moana):

Gramma Tala can not be left out of the list of best Disney moms. Though she was a grandmother to Moana, she still played the role of a mother to moana and the whole village at large.

Gramma Tala freely reveals herself to be the village crazy lady, a job she relishes. She also passes on traditional information, teaching us about the heart of Te Fiti and Maui. She advises Moana to heed to her inner voice and to take risks. Even death cannot stop her from leading Moana. She reappears as a manta ray, appearing to her at her hour of greatest need.

13. Mrs. Potts (Beauty & The Beast):

Belle didn’t have a mother in Beauty and the Beastbut there was a great Disney mom present throughout the animated film — Mrs. Potts. Mrs. Potts was a teapot and great presentation of a mother. In a literal sense, Mirs Ptts is the mother of Chip. However, in another sense she acts as the mother figure for Beast and everyone in the castle. It’s impossible not to love her. She was a mother and doing what moms do best — taking care of those around them.

14. Lucille Krunklehorn (Meet the Robinsons):

Another adoptive Disney moms, Lucille Krunklehorn. Lucille is not only a mother but also a brilliant scientist and delightfully eccentric. She and her husband (Bud) adopted Lewis and gave him the freedom to pursue his interests (which ultimately change the world). Indeed, as you meet the complete Robinson family, it’s evident that Lucille and Bud have done an excellent job of nurturing each strange member of the family in their zany and varied interests.

15. Big Hero: Aunt Cass

Aunt Cass can’t miss the list of Disney moms. Cass became the children’s guardian after the death of Hiro and Tadashi’s parents when Hiro was only three years old. Cass also worked at Lucky Cat Café, where the three of them lived. Aunt Cass is proud, ebullient and thinks the world of her two genius nephews. She’s always good for a laugh and ready with a hug, tirelessly there for support and a great home-cooked meal.

16. Luca: Daniela Paguro:

The world is a very dangerous place, Luca! And if I have to send you to the bottom of the ocean to keep you safe, so be it!”―Daniela to Luca. Daniela Paguro is Luca’s kind mother, and she is desperate to keep her kid safe. She cautions Luca on a daily basis about the perils beyond the sea and the land monsters who reside there. Daniela is no pushover: if she believes Luca is breaking her most important rule – don’t go near the surface – she will go to great lengths to stop him. Daniela Paguro is another great reparesntative of Disney moms.

17. Encanto: Julieta Madrigal:

You’re just as special as everyone else in this family.”―Julieta Madrigal to her daughter Mirabel. Julieta is a nurturing caretaker, Julieta is gifted with the power to cook healing foods. Julieta adores and supports her youngest daughter, Mirabel, because she realizes how difficult it is for her to be the only ordinary member of a magical family. Mirabel, like other mothers, appears to be her baby girl to her. Despite her mother’s domineering personality.

18. Encanto: Alma Madrigal:

Alma Madrigal (often referred to as Abuela) can’t be left out of Disney moms. She is a major character in Disney’s 2021 animated feature film Encanto. She is the matriarch of the Madrigals and the head of their enchanted village. As a mother Abuela is determined to keep their magic alive in order to keep the village safe.

Alma, the matriarch of the Madrigal Family, is dedicated to doing what is best for her family and places high expectations on her children and grandchildren in how they use their skills to benefit the community, frequently in the form of a desire for perfection. She is stern and rigid.


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