List of Disney Space Movies

Disney Space Movies

Disney has lots of Genres of movies and Disney spaces movies are one of those specials any sci-friction lover will never want to miss. From Tron to Rocketman and Wall-E are all great Disney Space movies you need to check out, lots of these movies are classics

Space and distant galaxies make excellent settings for epic storylines, and Disney never disappoints in delivering such great space movies. This genre is mostly filled with action-packed, funny, and with lots of memorable scenes.

These are also excellent films to introduce younger audiences to the sci-fi and space genre. This list also contains Disney’s most recent Star Wars movie.

Which of these Disney Space movies is your favorite? Vote up all of your favorites and down all of the movies, you didn’t like.

Here is the List of Disney Space Movies

1. Tron 1982:

First on the list of Disney Space movies is Tron. Tron is a 1982 American science fiction action-adventure film written and directed by Steven Lisberger from a story by Lisberger and Bonnie MacBird.

According to the storyline, when Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), a gifted computer engineer, discovers that Ed Dillinger (David Warner), an executive at his company, has been stealing his work, he attempts to hack into the system. Flynn, on the other hand, is transferred into the digital world, where he must contend with Dillinger’s virtual version, Sark, and the formidable Master Control Program. Flynn, with the help of Tron (Bruce Boxleitner) and Yori (Cindy Morgan), becomes a freedom warrior for the grid’s repressed programs. Although it’s old, it’s gold. Looking for a Disney space movie? Then you need to check out Tron.

2. RocketMan (1997):

RocketMan is a 1997 American comic science fiction film. It was directed by Stuart Gillard and starring Harland Williams, Jessica Lundy, William Sadler, etc. This Disney space movie tells the story of a clumsy and rude geek joining a NASA Mars space mission. During the voyage, he manages to endanger himself and the entire crew, but he is on the verge of becoming a hero when his new colleagues need him to save them from the harsh surface of Mars.

3. Moon Pilot:

The Moon Pilot is a 1962 American Technicolor science fiction comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions and distributed by Buena Vista Distribution. In this Disney space movies, After Capt. Richmond Talbot (Tom Tryon) is chosen to be the first astronaut to land on the moon, the United States government begins following him to guarantee that enemy operatives do not discover his mission. Richard’s superiors keep a close eye on him and get suspicious when the seductive immigrant Lyrae (Dany Saval) begins to follow him. Richard understands the mystery woman means good, but he’s astonished to learn she’s not from another country, but from another galaxy entirely.

4. The Black Hole(1979 ):

Talking about Disney space movies, The Black Hole is a 1979 American science fiction film directed by Gary Nelson and produced by Walt Disney Productions. When a research vessel carrying scientist Kate McCrae discovers the previously undiscovered USS Cygnus, led by Kate’s father, near a black hole, they decide to investigate.

5. WALL-E (2008):

WALLE is a 2008 animated science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. WALL-E, which stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class, is the final robot on the planet. He spends his days cleaning up the world, one bit of trash at a time. WALL-E, on the other hand, has formed a personality over the course of 700 years, and he’s more than a bit lonely. Then he notices EVE (Elissa Knight), a sleek and shapely probe sent back to Earth for scanning. When WALL-E follows EVE across the cosmos, he embarks on his greatest adventure yet.

6. Space Buddies (2009):

Space Buddies is also another interesting Disney Space movies you need to check out. Space Buddies is a family comedy film and It is the third film in the Air Buddies franchise. When their owners leave to witness the launch of Vision One, an unmanned space shuttle, three dogs decide to join them. When they decide to investigate a high-security institution, they become stranded aboard the shuttle. The next thing they know, they’re off on an interplanetary journey. This is an interesting Disney Dog movie you need to check out.

7. Lightyear (2022):

Last but not least on the list of Disney Space movies is Lightyear. Lightyear is a forthcoming animated science-fiction action film created by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is a Toy Story film series spin-off, serving as an origin story for the fictional test pilot/astronaut on whom the Buzz Lightyear toy featured in the previous films was based, presented as a film within a film that the characters in Toy Story would watch, a concept previously adapted as the 2000 direct-to-video film Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins and its spin-off television series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000–2001).

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