Joseph Christopher Lewis: What Happened To The Son Of Jerry Lewis?

Joseph Christopher Lewis

Joseph Christopher Lewis is best known as the son of Jerry Lewis and his ex-wife Patti Palmer. Joseph Christopher’s father was an actor, comedian, singer, director, producer, writer, and humanitarian. Nicknamed “The King of Comedy”, his contributions to comedy and charity made him a global figure in pop culture.

Joseph Christopher Lewis: Bio Summary

NameJoseph Christopher Lewis
Famous asson of Jerry Lewis
Date of birth7 January 1964
Died24 October 2009 (aged 45)
ParentsJerry Lewis and Patti Palmer
SiblingsGary, Scott, Christopher, Anthony, Ronald, and Danielle
ChildrenBobby Lewis, Dan Lewis

Joseph Christopher Lewis was born on 7 January 1964. He was born into the family of Jerry Lewis and singer Patti Palmer. He was the youngest son of his parents. His siblings are Gary, Scott, Christopher, Anthony, and Ronald. Ronald was adopted by his parents. He has a half-sister from his father’s side called Danielle.

Joseph Christopher Lewis’ maternal grandparents are Angelo Colonico and Mary Rotellini Farino. His paternal grandparents are Daniel Levitch (1902–1980), a master of ceremonies and vaudevillian who performed under the stage name Danny Lewis, and Rachel Levitch (née Brodsky; 1903–1983), a WOR radio pianist and music director.

Joseph Christopher Lewis has a stepmother called SanDee Pitnick. Much is unknown about his childhood experiences but his parents Jerry Lewis and Patti Palmer got divorced and his mother Patti Palmer requested $450,000 a year to support herself and Joseph Christopher, who was 16 years old at the time.

His parents’ Marriage & Divorce

Joseph Christopher Lewis’ parents Jerry Lewis and Patti Palmer got separated after about 36 years of marriage. They met while Patti was working as a singer with Jimmy Dorsey’s Orchestra. They began a relationship and got married on October 3, 1944. Their union was an interfaith marriage as Jerry was Jewish and Patti was Catholic.

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They have five biological children and one adopted child. Patti filed for divorce from Jerry in the year 1980. She cited Jerry’s outrageous spending and infidelity as the reason for the divorce. Jerry was unfaithful and he openly pursued relationships with other women and gave unapologetic interviews about his infidelity. Their divorce was finalized in the year 1983.

In the court papers, Patti made mentioned that Jerry Lewis “has displayed an open disregard for our marriage, and I am a ‘financial puppet’ at the mercy of his office, with no money of my own.”

Joseph Christopher Lewis Was Disowned By His Father

Joseph Christopher Lewis had an interview with National Enquirer and he claimed that his father Jerry Lewis was viciously beating his children. He said that growing up with his father was “pure hell”. He had doubts that his father ever loved him. He was using drugs and drinking alcohol. He said; I’ve tried drugs. I’ve tried therapy and the truth still hurts, my father doesn’t love me.”

After the interview, Jerry Lewis disowned his son Joseph Christopher Lewis. Jerry cut all ties with Joseph completely. Joseph believed his father Jerry didn’t love him because of his gender. He said his father had wanted a daughter instead and was disappointed when Joseph Christopher come out as a boy.

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Joseph Christopher was using drugs and drinking alcohol during his teenage years. He had endless therapy sessions as well. He couldn’t hold a steady job. He was diagnosed with manic depression. He became penniless and homeless. He tried to reach out to his father for help and he sent him letters on the annual telethon for Jerry’s kids.

However, those letters always returned unopened. Joseph Christopher was married to Kim and they had children; Bobby Lewis and Dan Lewis. His marriage to Kim ended. Joseph lived in a Los Angeles model but he didn’t have enough money to pay for his room. He was homeless and forced to acquire a bunk in a church’s homeless shelter.

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Joseph Christopher Lewis’ Death

Joseph Christopher Lewis died on October 24, 2009, after suffering a sudden heart seizure. The autopsy report disclosed that he died from acute morphine intoxication. He died in Utah, USA and his body was cremated. He is survived by his wife, Cheri (Wilson) Lewis, and three sons, per sources. After Joseph died, his brother, Gary Lewis called out their dad for abandoning Joseph.

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