VIDEO: SHS student designs a machine to support ECG, to solve Dumsor in Ghana

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As some of the youths of Ghana are busy spoiling themselves others are also busy putting their intelligence to work to help solve some of the numerous problems of our country Ghana. Some of the youths of Ghana are  going a step further and showing some real innovations

As we have seen in the case of Kelvin Odarty and others who took over the internet with their innovations.

A student of Ghana Senior High School in Temale who is also a member of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Club, Abanga Abdul Karim Ibrahim has designed a machine that uses wind to generate power electricity power instead of hydro electric power generation.

The machine is designed like a household which is powered by a windmill to provide electricity power.

The turbine turns as the wind blows to generate some current that will be able to power is ones house. So with or without the hydro electric power, you have power in your house.

Abanga Abdul Karim Ibrahim explained in a video that, what actually inspired him to do this machine is the current power outages in Ghana, which people call it “Dumsor”.

He said if we have many windmill powering most of the houses in Ghana the burden on the national grade will be reduced and that will improve power efficiency in our homes, hence putting a stop to the issue of Dumsor.


Ghana should not depend solely on hydro electric power generation but also find a windmill a priority since it uses air and air is free, he added.

Watch Video Below:

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