Taryn Bolton: All About Michael Bolton’s Daughter

Taryn Bolton is the daughter of Michael Bolotin professionally known as Michael Bolton. Taryn’s father Michael is a well-known singer and songwriter. His songs and performances have been featured in different television and film soundtracks. He has appeared as himself in television and film and participated in Dancing with the Stars.

Taryn Bolton: Bio Summary

Name Taryn Bolton
Famous asdaughter of Michael Bolton
Date of birth October 3, 1979
Place of birth United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Michael Bolton and Maureen McGuire
Siblings Isa Bolton and Holly Bolton
Marital status Married

Who Is Michael Bolton’s Daughter, Taryn Bolton?

Taryn Bolton was reportedly born on October 3, 1979. She is the youngest daughter of singer, songwriter, and philanthropist Michael Bolton and his former wife yoga instructor Maureen McGuire. She has two older sisters, Isa Bolton and Holly Bolton. Her parents were married before her father became successful in his music career. Soon after their marriage, they had Taryn and her sisters who were each born two years apart.

Taryn’s father Michael Bolton struggled to provide for his family before he had his breakthrough. “I remember sitting at the kitchen table in depression about the food money that we needed and the rent check that was probably going to bounce,” Michael told Billboard. “If a gig got snowed out in Connecticut that was my food and rent money. By the time I was 27, I had three daughters.

“I know that I couldn’t let the kids know how bad it was. My wife knew. The hardest of times never leaves you and it’s amazing how close to the surface it is. I was watching TV and seeing a woman interviewed [during the government shutdown] trying to decide between gas or food and no way to perceive how the rent was going to get paid and it immediately took me back to my life with my family in Connecticut.”

After Taryn Bolton’s parents, Michael Bolton and Maureen McGuire got divorced, her father was granted custody of her and her sisters Isa Bolton and Holly Bolton. They had a normal childhood. Her parents were married on May 4, 1975, and in 1990, they got divorced. Michael has disclosed that he started dating in his teens and met “all kinds of interesting women, but dating was just all about fun in those days.”

Michael married Maureen in his 20s and they had three daughters. Maureen is the only woman Michael has been married to as of the time of this writing. However, he has been involved in other relationships. He was engaged to actress Nicollette Sheridan but they broke off their engagement. He is in a relationship with Heather Kerzner, a socialite and former model.

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Taryn Bolton is the granddaughter of George Bolotin, a local official in the Democratic Party, and Helen Bolotin, a homemaker. Taryn is a graduate of Staples High School. She pursued a Master’s degree in Teaching from the University of Bridgeport. She worked as her father Michael Bolton’s assistant and was involved in his day-to-day operations. She is said to be the owner of a successful children’s thrift shop called ‘Around the Rosy’.

Taryn was in the news when she opened her Westport resale shop for children. “After I had my kids, I realized how much stuff we go through and how much waste we create and what we don’t need,” Taryn said. Her father Michael Bolton was very supportive of her. “He loves it. He’s super excited,” she said of her father. “He’ll call me or text me and say, ‘I have a really good idea for the store,’ but you never know what they are because he’s so out of touch with babies.”

“I’m hoping the green movement really helps people progress and gets rid of that idea of, ‘I’m not buying used’,” she revealed.

Taryn Bolton’s Personal Life

Taryn Bolton is happily married. She has kept details of her love life private which is why much is unknown about her husband or their marriage. She is the mother of two children. She made her parents Michael Bolton and Maureen McGuire grandparents for the first time after she welcomed her first child in October 2010. “He’s great as a grandpa”, Taryn says of her father. “He tries to be really hands-on, but he spoils them.”

“He tried to put them to bed the other night. It was almost 9 o’clock, and I’m like, ‘You have to give up! You have to just walk away and let them go to sleep’!” Michael Bolton isn’t allowed to put his grandchildren to sleep. “I’m not going to be putting [the grandkids] to sleep,” he said. “Ten minutes after they think the kids are going to sleep and I’m reading to them … I’m chasing them around the room!”

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Michael enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. He told PEOPLE of his grandchildren: “It’s just such a great source of joy, looking in their eyes.” The proud father of Taryn and her sisters revealed “I’m filled with more love and pride in my girls as they raise their own families. The people I love bring me a lot of happiness… The important things never really change. Love is the most important thing, the center of the universe. There’s nothing greater.”

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