Symbria Wright, Johnny Whitaker’s ex-wife

Symbria Wright is the Ex-wife of Johnny Whitaker’s ex-wife. Symbria’s Ex-husband, Johnny is an American actor notable for several performances for film and television during his childhood. The redheaded Whitaker played Jody Davis on Family Affair from 1966 to 1971. He also originated the role of Scotty Baldwin on General Hospital in 1965, played the lead in Hallmark’s 1969 The Littlest Angel, and portrayed the title character in the 1973 musical version of Tom Sawyer.

How did Symbria Wright and Johnn meet? Much information has not released about how the two meet. However, the couples got married in 1984 in a beautiful ceromony in the presence of friends and family. Their marriage did last forever, the couples called it a quit after 4 years of marriage. They divorced in 1988. The reason for their divorce was never made public.

Symbria Wright

Symbria Wright’s ex-husband, Whitaker began his professional acting career at the age of three by appearing in a television commercial for a local used car dealer. He went on to appear in ads for Mattel Toymakers, for such toys as Larry the Lion and Crackers the Parrot in their Animal Yackers series.

In 1965, Whitaker originated the character of the young Scotty Baldwin in the soap opera General Hospital. In 1966, he acted in a major feature film, The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming, which also starred Brian Keith, the actor who would later play Whitaker’s uncle in the television series Family Affair.

However, Symbria Wright’s ex-husband, Whitaker struggled as an adult with an addiction to drugs and alcohol until his family held an intervention and threatened to cut off contact with him unless he got help. He agreed and joined a twelve-step program; later becoming a certified drug counselor and founder of a nonprofit organization for Spanish-speaking addicts. In 2011, he said he had been clean and sober for 13 years.

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