Daunte Goncalves Toby, Claudette Ortiz’s son

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 Daunte Goncalves Toby

Daunte Goncalves Toby is the son of Claudette Ortiz and his husband, Ryan Toby. Daunte’s mother, Claudette is an American singer, model, television personality, and actress, most famous as the female in the R&B group City High. Ortiz also was a castmate in TV One’s reality series R&B Divas: Los Angeles. His father Ryan is also a musician. Daune Toby is not the only sibling of his parents.

Daunte Goncalves Toby: Profile Summary

Full Name Daunte Goncalves Toby
Famous as Son of Claudette Ortiz
Date of Birth2003
Age18 years old
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Zodiac signUnknown
Parents Father- Ryan Toby
Mother- Claudette Ortiz
Siblings Joel Toby, Bella Ortiz

Born in 2003, Claudette Ortiz and her husband’s son, Daunte is 18 years old as of 2021. As I said earlier he is not the only child of her parents. He has two other siblings, they are Joel Toby and his half sister Bella Ortiz. Much is not know about Daunte as he has been living a very private life, unlike other celebrity kids who are all over the place.

How did his parents meet? His parents were part of an American hip hop/R&B trio called City High. The group consists of rappers/singers Ryan Toby (father), Robbie Pardlo, and Claudette Ortiz(Mother).

City High is best known for their song, “What Would You Do?”, which earned a Grammy nomination. Their follow-up single was “Caramel”. A remix was released, featuring rapper Eve. The final single from the group’s debut and only album was “City High Anthem”.

Prior to creation of City High, bandmates Claudette Ortiz and Robbie Pardlo dated throughout their high school years. After meeting and performing for Wyclef Jean, they were signed to his Booga Basement recording label. As Wooga Booga already had a duo, they invited Ryan Toby and became the City High trio instead. Following her breakup with Pardlo, Ortiz went on to date Toby. Daunte Goncalves Toby’s parents, Ortiz and Toby married in 2004 in a beautiful ceromony in the presence of their friends and family. Their marriage however did last forever, the coiples later divorced in 2007. When Daunte was born his mother was 21 years old and his father, Ryan Toby was 24 years old.

In an interview Ortiz spoke about her daughter, Daunte Goncalves Toby’s half sister Bella, and how she did not know the guy reported by the media as her daughter’s father. “So hold on… you don’t know that guy that is being reported as your daughter’s father?” Claudette Ortiz: “No I don’t know who that is. I saw a rumor on Wikipedia a while back saying I was dating him and had a child by him… I was in the studio with Bryan Michael Cox and we were laughing about it… I wasn’t even pregnant with my daughter yet… I don’t know that guy and never met him. My daughter’s father is just a normal hard working business man. He’s not even in the industry.”

In 2013, Daunte Goncalves Toby’s mother, Ortiz was contemplating joining the U.S. Air Force Reserves, when she was contacted by TV One’s producer Phil Thornton to do R&B Divas: LA. She relocated her family from New Jersey to partake in the series.

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