Prestea: Sэхтареs L£aks as Man sleeps with 20 married women; records to blackmail their husbands

Controversy has hit the mining town of Prestea in Ghana’s Western Region.
This controversy involves a Ghanaian resident in South Africa who arrived in Prestea to carry out his evil schemes.

Paa Agyei, a guy, was able to get 20 ladies into his bed and sleep with them.

15 of the ladies captured in his web are lawfully married women who live in the Prestea township with their spouses.

Kofi Agyei doesn’t only sleep with these ladies; he records every sex he has with them, including video calls in which he forces some of them to take off their gowns.

He sent the tapes to the women’s spouses in order to blackmail them.


Somewhere somehow, the videos have found their way on the internet causing serious havoc in Prestea and its environs.

Watch the video below:

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