Physically Challenged man rejected by her parents asks God 3 Questions in a chilling video

Martin B Annor, a young Ghanaian man who was born physically challenged and was rejected by both his mother and father because taking care of him was a great chore.

Speaking in an interview with Portia Gabor on TV3, Martin asked God three questions that have stirred the emotions of viewers.

“I want to ask God why he created me like this. Secondly, I want to know why he decided to deprive me of the love of my parents. Also, I want to know why everything in life has been so difficult for me,” Martin said fluently in the video.

Luckily for Martin, after his own parents abandoned him, his grandfather decided to accept the young man as his own son and has been spending his pension money to take care of him.

After watching Martin speak so eloquently yet emotionally many Ghanaians reacted to the video.

Watch the video below:

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