Peggy Harper: Where Is Harper Simon’s Mother Now?

Peggy Harper

Peggy Harper is the mother of American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer Harper Simon and the first wife of American singer-songwriter, and actor Paul Simon. Peggy’s son Harper has appeared on several studio albums and has been featured in films and television shows, including HBO’s Girls.

Peggy Harper: Bio Summary

NamePeggy Harper
Famous as *mother of Harper Simon
* ex-wife of Paul Simon
Date of birth N/A
Place of birth United States
Nationality American
Parents N/A
Marital status Divorced
Spouse Paul Simon
Children Harper Simon

Who Is Harper Simon’s Mother?

Harper Simon’s mother is called Peggy Harper. Peggy has not shared much information about her early life and family which is why her date of birth, place of birth, parents, siblings, and other relatives’ details and education information are unavailable. She found love when she met Paul Frederic Simon, the man she will marry.

Paul Simon is a musician, singer, songwriter, and actor who is regarded as one of the most celebrated artists of the twentieth century. How Peggy Harper met her then-husband-to-be Paul Simon is unknown. Before their relationship began, Paul and his girlfriend Kathleen Mary “Kathy” Chitty had ended their relationship.

Peggy Harper was the ex-wife of Paul Simon’s manager, sources claim. Peggy and Paul were in love with each other. After they dated for a while, the two got married on May 24, 1970/ 1969. Peggy became pregnant and on September 7, 1972, in New York, United States, she gave birth to her and her husband Paul’s son Harper James Simon. Harper was raised in New York City.

Peggy Harper lived a private life before and after she became the wife of singer-songwriter Paul Simon. It is suspected that Peggy and Paul’s marital journey was far from smooth as it had its share of ups and downs. Their marriage began to fall apart at some point. The two got convinced that they wanted to get divorced.

In 1975, Peggy Harper and Paul Simon got divorced, inspiring the song “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” a single from Paul’s fourth studio album, Still Crazy After All These Years (1975). Peggy is the “silver girl” referred to in Paul’s song “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” His 1972 track “Run That Body Down” includes references to himself and Peggy by name.

Paul Simon wrote about their relationship in his song “Train In The Distance.” The feature film One Trick Pony is loosely based on the relationships between Paul, Peggy, and Harper. After Peggy Harper and Paul Simon’s marriage officially ended, Paul married American actress and writer Carrie Fisher.

They got married in August 1983 but divorced in July 1984. They are said to have dated again for eight more years after their divorce before finally breaking up. Paul then married his wife number three, American singer-songwriter Edie Brickell. Paul Simon and Edie Brickell have been married since May 30, 1992. The couple have been blessed with three children.

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The couple’s children are Adrian Edward Simon, Lulu Simon, and Gabriel Elijah Simon. The couple were both arrested for disorderly conduct in 2014 at their home in New Canaan, Connecticut, per The Guardian. As for Paul’s first and ex-wife Peggy Harper, it is unclear if she ever dated or remarried after she and Paul’s marriage came to an end.

Where Is Harper Simon’s Mother Now?

Peggy Harper has avoided the spotlight as she has always done. She continues to live her life privately, so where she is at the moment is unknown. Her son Harper Simon has appeared as a musical guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Harper Simon has been featured in Rolling Stone, Paper, Mojo, Uncut, Clash, The Independent, and London Times. As a journalist, he has conducted interviews with cultural and political figures. He has also made contributions to several publications, including the LA Review of Books, Purple, Issue, and Hesperios Journal.

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Harper Simon is a producer of film, music, and charity events, and sits on the board of Waterkeeper Alliance. As an actor, he appeared in the films One-Trick Pony, New Rose Hotel, and Bringing Out the Dead. He also appeared as Bernie in Friendly Fire. He served as the executive producer of Harper Simon feat Jena Malone: Berkeley Girl and producer of Talk Show with Harper Simon.

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