Adrian Edward Simon: Inside The Life Of Paul Simon and Edie Brickell’s Son

Adrian Edward Simon

Adrian Edward Simon is a singer-songwriter and the son of American singer-songwriter, musician, and actor Paul Frederic Simon and his wife American singer-songwriter Edie Arlisa Brickell. Adrian’s father Paul is one of the most celebrated artists of the twentieth century. He used to be a member of Simon & Garfunkel. He is also a philanthropist and co-founder of the Children’s Health Fund.

Adrian Edward Simon: Bio Summary

NameAdrian Edward Simon
Date of birth December 1992
Place of birth United States
Famous as son of Paul Simon and Edie Brickell
Nationality American
Spouse N/A
Siblings Harper Simon, Lulu Simon, and Gabriel Elijah Simon
Parents Paul Simon and Edie Brickell
Occupation Singer, songwriter

How Old Is Adrian Edward Simon?

Adrian Edward Simon was welcomed into the world in December 1992. He will be celebrating his 31st birthday in December 2023. He is the oldest child of his parents, Paul Frederic Simon, and his third but current wife Edie Arlisa Brickell. His parents are both successful and well-known in the show business.

Adrian’s father is a singer-songwriter, musician, and actor while his mother is a singer-songwriter and guitarist. His parents, Paul and Edie have been married since May 30, 1992. Their marriage is Paul’s third and Edie’s first. As mentioned earlier Adrian is the first child of his parents. He has two younger siblings, Lulu Simon and Gabriel Elijah Simon.

However, in addition to his younger siblings, Adrian has an older half-brother. His half-brother Harper James Simon was born from his father’s marriage to his first wife, Peggy Harper. Although Adrian’s childhood experiences haven’t been made public, it is assumed that he lived a luxurious lifestyle during his childhood.

Adrian’s paternal grandfather Louis Simon (1916–1995), was a college professor of education at the City College of New York, a double-bass player, and a dance bandleader who performed under the name Lee Sims. His paternal grandmother Belle Simon (1910–2007), worked as an elementary-school teacher. Adrian’s maternal grandparents are Larry Jean (Sellers) Linden and Paul Edward Brickell.

Adrian Edward Simon Follows In His Parents’ Footsteps

Adrian Edward Simon has chosen to be involved in show business just like his parents Paul Simon and Edie Brickell. Born to singer-songwriters, Adrian wrote his first song at the age of 9 years. He has worked alongside his father Paul on a few songs. His vocals were heard on the background melody he wrote for his father’s song, “Father And Daughter.”

Adrian Edward Simon joined his father Paul Simon and his partner Art Garfunkel of Simon & Garfunkel on their Suprise tour, where Adrian participated in the singing and played the keyboard as well. He is skilled at playing the guitar. He served as the frontman for the band created in high school, the Ivy League.

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The band built a fan base after sharing videos and tracks online and also performing low-key gigs in the New York area. They released their debut album, “The North Star”. Adrian founded a second band, The Willow & The Builder before he graduated from college in 2015. The group released an album in 2011. According to their website:

“The Willow & The Builder grew from the roots of its title. Over several windy winter weeks, Richard Miron and Adrian Simon set about crafting a collection of songs and stories about growth, sorrow, trees, and the determination to create happiness from the world that surrounds them. The result is an 8-song debut, a sprightly exploration and reflective meditation on the themes and images conjured by the phrase “The Willow & The Builder.””

Adrian Edward Simon also embarked on a solo career, under the pseudonym Ade, per sources. His first solo album, “Midnight Pizza,” was released in 2021. Adrian said: “A midnight pizza is something we’re told you can only indulge in for so long before it takes its toll on your health, but how do we know when that is?…”

“The surreal truth of this Zuckerverse is so many of the people I know never lost touch with the people they went to high school with (myself included), which I think has made it pretty difficult to track how much we’ve grown up, or if we even have.” He also said:

“The songs on the album are sung by the many voices in my head trying to process all this overstimulation at once, in real time. Insecurity, joy, critic, conscience, you name it. I think people are sort of rubber band balls of these voices, experiences, and contradictions – but those things are what make us bounce.”

New York City singer-songwriter and producer, Adrian made it clear that the “goal of this album was to create a kind of tie dye venn-diagram wherein everything I liked and felt and was inspired by could embrace and dance around.” In 2022, Adrian released an EP, “Junk in Orbit,” and released a music video for the album’s single, “Ambivert”.

Adrian said he wasscrolling on Twitter and saw this clickbait-y headline from a reputable news outlet that read ‘You might be an Ambivert’, and I was like ‘alright, I’ll bite.’ I learned that an Ambivert is someone who is ‘sometimes introverted, and sometimes extroverted.’ So… a person?

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The whole thing seemed to me a perfect exemplar of the era we live in, one overwhelmed by the paradoxes of the social media landscape. When fitting in means being forced to engage with such an inherently superficial environment, it’s no coincidence we seek out new diagnoses.

Adrian Edward Simon’s Wife / Girlfriend

Adrian Edward Simon has shared nothing about his wife or at least girlfriend. He prefers not to say anything about his love life. He hasn’t been romantically linked to any woman, not that we know of. He might have his own family but doesn’t want their information to be in the public domain.

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