Oliver Nolan: Who Is Christopher Nolan’s Son?

Oliver Nolan

Oliver Nolan is the son of Christopher Edward Nolan and Emma Thomas Nolan. Oliver’s father Christopher Nolan is a British-American filmmaker and screenwriter. He is considered a leading filmmaker of the 21st century and his films have grossed $5 billion worldwide. He has been credited for making some of the most influential and popular films of his time. The production company Syncopy Inc. is founded by him and his wife Emma Thomas.

Oliver Nolan: Bio Summary

Name Oliver Nolan
Famous asson of Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas
Gender Male
Date of birth N/A
Birthplace United States
Nationality British-American
Siblings Rory Nolan, Magnus Nolan, and Flora Nolan
Parents Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas
Grandparents Brendan Nolan and Christina Nolan

Who Is Christopher Nolan’s Son, Oliver?

Oliver Nolan is Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas‘ son. His father is a film director, film producer, and screenwriter while his mother is a film producer. Oliver made an uncredited appearance portraying Jess Borden as a baby in The Prestige. The working title for the film Inception was “Oliver’s Arrow”(his father often names his working titles after his children).

During the distribution of The Dark Knight to theatres, the film was labeled “Oliver’s Army” in an attempt to deter piracy, per a source. Oliver Nolan is the brother of Rory Nolan, Magnus Nolan, and Flora Nolan. His father Christopher pays tributes to his children in the making of his movies. For Oliver’s siblings, he pays tributes to them in:

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“The Dark Knight” was codenamed “Rory’s First Kiss,” “The Dark Knight Rises” was “Magnus Rex,” and “Interstellar” coded “Flora’s Letter.” Christopher told The Guardian how he feels when he leaves his children to direct a movie and how the film ‘Interstellar’ is really about being a father to him. He said:

There is a lot of guilt for that. A lot of guilt. The very sadness of saying goodbye to people is a massive expression of the love you feel for them. For me, the film [‘Interstellar’] is really about being a father. The sense of your life passing you by and your kids growing up before your eyes.

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Very much what I felt watching Richard Linklater’s ‘Boyhood,’ an extraordinary film, which is weirdly doing the same thing in a completely different way. We are all engaged in the biggest mystery of all, which is just living through time.

Oliver Nolan’s paternal grandfather, Brendan Nolan, was a British advertising executive who worked as a creative director. His paternal grandmother, Christina Nolan, was an American flight attendant from Evanston, Illinois; she would later work as a teacher of English.

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Oliver Nolan’s Parents Met When They Were Teenagers

Oliver Nolan’s mother and father Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas met at University College London (UCL). At the time they met, they were just teenagers. Christopher was then 19 years old and Emma was 18 years old. Per ICG Magazine, at UCL, they were both students majoring in English literature.

Christopher was president of the Union’s Film Society and he and Emma Thomas organized a film society and arranged screenings of classic movies for their fellow students, using the money they earned to produce 16 mm films. Christopher and Emma have worked together on several films. Emma has worked as a producer on all of Christopher’s films since 1997.

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On 27 February 2001, Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas founded the production company Syncopy Inc. Syncopy has offices in Los Angeles, California. Emma said: “I started producing short films for Chris without really understanding what I was doing,” (saying this at the office of Syncopy Films), “I just thought I was helping out.” Christopher and Emma have been married since 1997. Their marriage has lasted for more than 20 years.

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