Megan Fox Thumbs, What happened to it? Find out

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Megan Fox Thumbs

What happened to Megan Fox Thumbs? Is it genetic or she was involved in an accident? Turns out, Megan’s thumbs are, well, kind of shaped like toes—toe thumbs, if you will. She even opened up about said toe thumbs on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno back in 2012, saying “they’re weird and they’re really fat.” So there you have it…toe thumbs. What is toe Thumbs? Find out more.

Yes, you can get dragged on the internet for pretty much anything these days. Take Megan Fox, for example, who, just a few years ago, was the victim of online trolls because of—get this—her thumbs.

Megan Fox Thumbs

Megan Fox may be the woman that’s deemed so attractively that a Chinese businessman claims to have paid a whopping $3.7m to have sex with her (unsurprisingly, it didn’t turn out to be her as it was all a hoax), but it seems that even she can’t get a break.

The Transformers star has some high profile acting gigs to her name – including horror flick Jennifer’s BodyHow To Lose Friends And Alienate People, New Girl, This Is 40, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot – but there’s something other than her acting and looks that people seem to be interested in.

When it comes to Fox, apparently her thumbs are the popular area of discussion. Yeah, Megan Fox thumbs. A lot of fans started asking questions if Megan Fox hand is normal.

Megan Fox hand
Megan Fox hand

Megan Fox thumbs are genetic

What happened to Megan Fox thumbs? Is Megan Fox hand Normal? Megan Fox has brachydactyly, a genetic condition commonly referred to as ‘Stub Thumbs’. Fox’s hands caught attention after her role in a Motorola commercial during the Super Bowl in 2010 when people noticed that she had been replaced by a hand double during close-up shots. Her condition is minor and is purely cosmetic. For more on brachydactyly and the reaction to the Megan Fox thumbs case, read on.

What is Brachydactyly?

Brachydactyly is a hereditary genetic condition affecting the hands, usually through a shortening of the bones in the fingers or toes. It is what is known as an “autosomal dominant condition”, meaning that only one parent needs to carry the gene in order for their child to be at risk of inheriting it. Some people just like Megan are born with the condition but the signs can become more obvious as they grow. It can often be associated with another genetic issue but this isn’t always the case and it exists alone in many people.

According to a 2008 study published in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases, the prevalence ranges anywhere from 0.41 percent to 4 percent of the world population also has the same condition as Megan Fox thumbs (mild brachydactyly), with a particularly higher occurrence of toe thumbs reported amongst Israeli Arabs and in the Japanese population. Many people are likely unaware of the condition. Any odd physical attribute in celebrities, who are continuously watched by the public, is eventually scrutinized by the public.

The very complicated name brachydactyly means “short digit” so it is commonly called “stub thumb” for short, just as people refer to Megan Fox thumbs.

The result is that a person’s fingers, toes or both will appear shorter than average, with nails appearing squarer.

The condition is generally harmless, though it can impact a person’s balance if their toes are too short. Similarly, it can be difficult for a person to grip or pinch if their thumbs are too short to reach their fingertips.

Megan Fox starred in a Super Bowl commercial for Motorola in 2010. The commercial showed Fox relaxing in a bubble bath with the company’s new Blur smartphone in her hands.

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Despite the fact that the commercial featured a barely covered Megan Fox and lasted only 30 seconds, many viewers seemed more concerned with Megan Fox thumbs than with anything else on the screen.

Whether or not Megan Fox hand should be considered an imperfection or flaw, rather than just a unique feature, Megan’s stub thumbs haven’t stood in the way of her success.

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Megan Fox’s hand wasn’t an obstacle to her success, nor is it likely to turn any of her millions of fans against her, but she probably didn’t want a close-up of her thumbs broadcast on screens around the world.

According to Alejandro Badia, M.D., a board-certified hand and upper extremity orthopedic surgeon with Florida-based Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, “There really is no specific management or treatment for this condition,” he adds. “And any attempts at cosmetic lengthening of the distal phalanx [thumb] can lead to further damage or deformity to the nail matrix which is responsible for nailplate growth and appearance,”

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