Long list of people Nana Agradaa duped finally drops online — check out

Finally, the long list of people Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng formerly known as Nana Agradaa duped in the name of making them rich through spiritual means has surfaced on the Ghanaian internet.

Nana Agradaa before finally burning her idols and picking up the bible was into get-rich-quick business which she named “sika gari” which has something to do with doubling money for businessmen and women who needs more money to invest in their businesses.

Well, it emerged that everything she was doing all in the name of the sika gari was fake and that she only duping people for their hard-earned money. After her arrest which eventually led to her repentance, the BNI announced that anybody who has been duped by her should make him or herself available.

Well, after the back and forth of everything, the list has been compiled and released on social media.


The big question here is that will these people get their monies back? if yes who will do the payment.

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