Nana Agradaa convicted for Sika Gari fraud, other crimes under Criminal Code

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Charismatic scammer and fraudster Patricia, popularly known as Nana Agradaa has been convicted by an Accra Circuit Court after a court trial in which she pleaded guilty to all charges.

She is expected to serve 3 years in jail with hard labour should she default in payment of a fine imposed on her.

Justice Emmanuel Essandoh, the presiding judge said for operating a TV station without license contrary to section 110 of the Electronic transaction act 2008, act 772 and “Charlatanic advertisement” (Sika Gari) contrary to section 137 of the criminal offenses Act, 1960, he convicts Nana Agradaa to a fine of Ghc36,000 or 3000 penalty units in default of which she will serve 3 years in jail in hard labor.

The court further found her guilty on Sika Gari in which case she will serve one year in case she defaults on payment of Ghc10,000 fine to the state.

The Ghanaian Self-styled priestess turned evangelist was granted bail after being kept in police custody following her “Sika Gari” scam on her TV stations.

Earlier, a joint team of the Police and the National Security Intelligence Operatives, and the National Communication Authority stormed the premises of the two television stations owned by the priestess and closed them down for operating without licenses.

The raid came along with the arrest of Nana Agradaa, the owner of the stations for the advertisement of her “Sika Gari” scam. She claims that her personal gods multiply money after some rituals have been performed.

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