Lillian Josephine Bicknell: Facts about the daughter of Josephine Myrtle Corbin

Lillian Josephine Bicknell was born in Bono, Johnson County, Texas, on May 21, 1906, to James Clinton Bicknell and his first wife Josephine Myrtle (Corbin). Lily is well-known because of her mother, Myrtle Corbin. Her mother was well-known for having four legs and two private parts. Lillian Josephine was named after the mother Josephine Myrtle (Corbin) Bicknell. She got the “Josephine” name from the mother.

Profile Summary

Full name Lillian Josephine Bicknell
Date of Birth  May 21, 1906
Place of BirthBono, Johnson Co., Texas, United States of America
Date Of Death14 August 1973
Place of DeathFort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, USA
Age at Time of Death67 years old
Parentsfather – James Clinton Bicknell
Mother – Josephine Myrtle (Corbin) Bicknell
HusbandCharles Hampton Hammack
Siblings Nancy Estelle (Bicknell) Altaras, Clinton Francis Bicknell, 
and Ruby Eugenia Bicknell

Lillian Josephine Bicknell‘s father, James Clinton Bicknell, was 29 and her mother, Josephine Myrtle Corbin, was 29 when she was born on May 21, 1906, in Bono, Johnson, Texas, United States. She died on 14 August 1973 at the age of 67, in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, United States of America and she was buried at Laurel Land Memorial Park Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, USA

Lillian had three siblings, they were Nancy Estelle (Bicknell) Altaras, Clinton Francis Bicknell, 
and Ruby Eugenia Bicknell.

Lilian Josphine Bicknell got Married on April 7, 1927 in Meridian, Bosque Co., TX She got married to her long-time sweetheart, Charles Hampton Hammack.

Facts about Lillian Josephine Bicknell‘s mother Myrtle Corbin

Lillian Josephine Bicknell

Lillian’s mother was of sound health from Birth: She was seen as natural beauty even though she was born with four legs and two private parts. The doctors that carried out a test on her after she was born confirmed that she was healthy and robust and could operate like every other normal human being.

2.  Lillian Josephine Bicknell’s mother, Myrtle Corbin was a Sideshow performer: At the earlier age of 13, she was very famous for her act in Sideshows. Because of her different looks, it gave her father an idea that he could charge curious residents a token to look at his four-legged Josephine. So the girl began to travel to different towns for sideshow performances and she earned a lot of money, she was earning as much as 450 dollars a week at that time.

3.  Lillian Josephine’s parents had other Children: While some people could have wondered why would anyone marry a girl like Josephine with 4 legs, interestingly, when she was nineteen, she got married to Clinton Bicknell. James and Josephine were in love with each other. Not only did he marry her, but they also had five children in the process (a boy and four girls). They originally were supposed to have 8 but only 4 survived.

4. Lillian’s mother preferred having sexual intercourse on her right side: It was like a surprise to her when she had her first pregnancy. When the news was shared with her, Corbin was quoted to have responded in disbelief that, “If it had been in my right side I would come nearer believing you are correct.” Based on what she said, it became glaring to everyone that the four-legged woman enjoyed having intercourse on her right side compared to her left side.

5. Dr. Lewis Whaley, the doctor who worked on Lillian’s mom discovered that Josephine Corbin also owned a similar duplication of two internal female reproductive systems. As a result, she was pregnant with her first child in her left uterus. She gave birth to three of her children from one part of her body and the other two from the other part of her body.

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