Bridgette Cameron, Untold truth about Kirk Cameron’s Sister

Bridgette Cameron

Bridgette Cameron is an American actress and the sister of popular American movie star Kirk Cameron. Bridgette Cameron is very famous for her work on Saving Christmas (2014), The Krew (2001), and Home Improvement (1991).

There is seldom a time when performers from television and movies aren’t the buzz of the town. With so many famous people having their own fan base, any news concerning them gets popular. Kirk Cameron is one of these celebrities who has a sizable following base.

Kirk Cameron is well-known, but his family members are as well. Bridgette Cameron is one of his siblings, who is equally brilliant. Bridgette has a sizable online following of her own. Let’s learn everything we can about her.

Profile Summary

Full Name Bridgette Cameron
Famous as Actress and Sister of Kirk Cameron
Date Birth 14th September 1971
Age50 years old as of 2021
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California
Birth SignVirgo
Net worth2 Million Dollars
Ethnicity White
ProfessionActress and Blogger
ParentsFather – Robert Cameron
Mother- Barbara Cameron
Spouse:John Ridenour
Children Cameron Ridenour, Everett Ridenour, Reese Cameron Ridenour
Height5 feet 5 inches
Hair colorBlond

Born on 14th September 1971 in Los Angeles, California United States of America, Bridgette Cameron is 50 years old.

Bridgette has worked in the entertainment business for several years. she has lived in Hollywood since she was eight years old. Kirk Cameron ( Growing Pains actor) and Candace Cameron Bure(Full House actress) are her siblings. For the past 20 years, Bridgette has worked as a stand-in for some of Hollywood’s biggest child stars. Bridgette Cameron‘s career in the entertainment industry includes roles in television series such as Full House and Home Improvement, as well as films such as Saving Christmas, Wild America, Perfect Game, and The Crew, to mention a few.

Let’s start with Bridgette Cameron’s job description. Bridgette, like her siblings, started acting at a very young age and has made appearances in numerous Television series. She began to make a name for herself. Despite the recognition she gained in the industry, she did not make acting her full-time career.

Over the internet, the actress finally met Emily Steiding, who is now her best friend. Their shared passion for travel drew them closer together. The best friends now have their own site, Bellas Who Travel, where they document their numerous trips together.

Bridgette was also a part of her brother, Kirk Cameron’s talkshow segment, along with all of her siblings.

Bridgette Cameron: Net Worth

It’s no secret that everyone who has been on television or in films makes a lot of money. While it is true that Bridgette has made a lot of money, her acting profession was not the only source of income for her.

Emily and Bridgette, best friends, make the most of their money through their site, where they also sell a variety of items. The items are purchased by a large number of people. This, in combination with collaborations, allows them to make money. They put the money they earn towards traveling to new areas and producing more vlogs for their fans and followers.

The actual sum of Bridgette Cameron’s net worth has remained a mystery to the general public. According to other estimates, her Net worth ranges between $1 million and $2 million. Kirk Cameron, her brother, is believed to have a net worth of $20 million.

Bridgette’s family and siblings

Family is the most essential aspect of a human being’s life. Anyone who grows up in a happy, loving home acquires these qualities and grows up to be happy. Bridgette Cameron’s family is in the same boat.

Bridgette Cameron is one of four siblings born to Barbara and Robert Cameron. Melissa Cameron, Kirk Cameron, and Candace Cameron-Bure are Bridgette Cameron’s siblings. Each of these siblings has made a name for themselves and has a sizable fan following on various social platforms.

Bridgette’s Marriage, Huband and Childern

Bridgette Cameron, Kirk Cameron’s sister, is married to John Ridenour and has been living a happy life for the past 20 years. The exact date of the couple’s wedding has not been revealed. However, it is thought to be between 1988 and 2001.

The lovely couple is also the proud parents of two handsome sons and a lovely girl. Cameron Ridenour, their oldest son, was born on July 29th, 2001, and Everett Ridenour, their second son, was born on November 8th, 2003. Bridgette gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Reese Cameron Ridenour, on March 22nd, 2006, almost three years later.

Despite the fact that Reese was born without complications, Bridgette thought she was having a miscarriage. This happened in the ninth week of Bridgette’s pregnancy with Reese. She felt she was pregnant with one kid during her pregnancy, and when news of Bridgette Cameron’s loss was verified, the family wanted to be sure, so they decided to see another doctor.

Bridgette was informed that she had a miscarriage, but she was also welcomed by a miracle. God may have stolen Bridgette’s kid, but he made sure to keep Reese. The lost child was Reese’s identical twin and was supposed to be named Sofiya.

Nevertheless, according to IMDb, every one of Bridgette Cameron’s children has made an appearance in movies or TV shows at least once. Fans all desire that in the future, they get to see more of the kids. However, the final selection will be based on what the children desire to become in the future.

Bridgette’s Quote

[About losing Sofia and finding out that she was still pregnant with Reese] Because of my initial doctor’s cold bedside manner, once at home, I decided I wanted a second opinion. The new doctor saw something she didn’t want to confirm immediately, so she sent me to a specialist. The specialist gave me surprising news: I had been carrying twins! This confirmed that I did in fact lose my baby at home, but by God’s grace, He allowed me to enjoy one here on earth. I was shown that I had two sacs and one placenta, indicating that they would have been identical. The specialist showed me the empty sac and the sac that was beautifully beating away. He said that my body would either reject the second baby or the empty sac would absorb back into my body and I would continue to have a normal pregnancy.

Bridgette Camaron: Trivia

  • She is the daughter of Robert Cameron and Barbara Cameron.
  • Bridgette is the Sister of actress Candace Cameron Bure, Kirk Cameron, and Melissa Cameron.
  • She is the Sister-in-law of Chelsea Noble and Valeri Bure.
  • Bridgette and John have three children: Cameron, Reese, and Everett Ridenour. Sofia was Reese’s identical twin sister. Bridgette experienced a miscarriage and lost Sofia while she was 9 weeks pregnant with her kids.

Movies and series Bridgette made appearances

Saving Christmas2014Kirk’s Sister (as Bridgette Ridenour)
Home Improvement1999TV SeriesReceptionist
Full House1995TV SeriesPhotographer

Quick facts about Bridgette Camaron’s brother Kirk

  • Bridgette Camaron’s brother Kirk made his feature debut in the 1986 sports comedy The Best of Times, and starred in Like Father, Like Son the following year
  • Met future wife Chelsea Noble when she appeared as his love interest in a 1989 episode of Growing Pains
  • Reteamed with Noble in 1995 to costar on the WB sitcom Kirk
  • Founded Camp Firefly, a wilderness retreat in Georgia for seriously ill children and their families, in 1989
  • Returned to the big screen in 2000, starring in an adaptation of Left Behind, based on the popular series of Christian novels
  • Cohosted and produced Way of the Master, a spirituality focused reality series that promotes sharing the Christian faith
  • Chronicled Bridgette Camaron’s brother’s rise to fame and religious development in Still Growing: An Autobiography (2008)
  • Kirk Cameron has adopted four children and had two biological children. One of his adopted daughters is Isabella Cameron, a famous Youtuber.

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