George Jones Spouse: Who Did He Marry?

George Jones Spouse

American country musician, singer, and songwriter, George Glenn Jones was a great singer known for his distinctive voice and phrasing. He was widely considered one of the greatest country singers of all time. He has been called “The Rolls-Royce of Country Music”, “The Possum” and “No-Show Jones”, a name he earned after missing numerous concerts. He released many duets throughout his long career.

Who Is George Jones’ Spouse?

George Jones has been married four times. He was married to his fourth wife until he passed away. He married Dorothy Bonvillion, Shirley Ann Corley, Tammy Wynette, and Nancy Sepulvado. His marriage to his first wife Dorothy lasted from June 1, 1950, until they divorced in 1951. They gave birth to one child Susan Jones. George married his second wife Shirley Ann Corley.

They were married from September 14, 1954, until June 11, 1968. They had two children: Bryan Jones and Jeffrey Jones. George then married singer, songwriter, author, and actress Tammy Wynette born Virginia Wynette Pugh. They first met at a Nashville recording studio in the 1960s, per People. Tammy was still married to her husband, part-time songwriter and hotel clerk Don Chapel. George and Tammy became friends.

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George helped Tammy one evening when one of her children was hospitalized with food poisoning. The next day George stopped by Don Chapel and Tammy’s home. Don Chapel reportedly got into an argument with George which led to George confessing his love for Tammy. “I love Tammy … and she loves me, too, don’t you, Tammy?” George said, and Tammy answered “Yes”.

George Jones and Tammy Wynette

Immediately after the incident, George and Tammy left with Tammy’s three daughters. George and Tammy then got married after Tammy’s marriage to Don Chapel was annulled. Their wedding happened on February 16, 1969, in Ringgold, Georgia. George and Tammy’s country music careers were flourishing and they had a recording career together.

They later built a performance venue which they named “Old Plantation Music Park”. They had several number-one country singles, a successful touring act, and created duets together. They had one daughter together, Georgette Jones on October 5, 1970, and had three children each from previous marriages. However, their union has been called ‘tumultuous.’ George’s alcoholism affected their union.

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George Jones frequently got drank and became difficult to control. Tammy got angry at George’s behavior. She once shared, “I was naggin’ and he was nippin.’ Tammy said in her autobiography that George once chased her through their home with a loaded rifle but George later denied this in his autobiography. Tammy filed for divorce for the first time in 1973 but they were able to reconcile.

Tammy filed for divorce for the second time and it was finalized in 1975. After the divorce became public, Tammy said, “George is one of those people that can’t tolerate happiness. If everything is right, there’s something in him that makes him destroy it.” Even after the divorce, they continued to make music together. George and Tammy’s relationship was portrayed in the 2022 miniseries George & Tammy,

George Jones then married his fourth and final wife, Nancy Sepulvado. He met his soulmate Nancy in 1981 on a blind date. “No teenage boy ever fell harder for a girl than I fell for Nancy Sepulvado,” George said in his autobiography, I Lived to Tell It All. “When I met my future wife on a blind date in November 1981, I had no idea that someday she would save my life.”

George Jones and Nancy Sepulvado

Nancy Sepulvado once said: “He was drinking but he was fun to be around. It wasn’t love at first sight or anything like that. But I saw what a good person he was, deep down, and I couldn’t help caring about him.”

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George Jones had a battle with drugs and alcohol. His fourth wife Nancy Sepulvado helped him get sober. She made a positive impact on George’s life and career. She managed to keep George away from all things related to drugs and alcohol and managed his career. George always credited Nancy for saving his life.

“They say love can change the world,” George said. “I’m here to testify that it changed one man. Friends, family, doctors, therapists, and ministers had tried to save me, but to no avail. But finally, the power of love from one woman, Nancy Jones, made the difference.”

“God put me with him to help him get the devil out of him, God put me there to do a job and I did it,” Nancy once said in an interview. “God told me, ‘If you leave him, he’s going to die.’ And I said, ‘You know what — you’re too good of a man to let go to hell and I’m not gonna let you do it.”

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