Who Is Michael Dadich In The Aftermath Movie: What Happened To Him

Michael Dadich

Michael Dadich was an author known for The Silver Sphere: Book I of The Kin Chronicles and The Cistern Mission. He gained global recognition and attention when the Netflix movie Aftermath was dedicated to him. After the American horror film directed by Peter Winther, Aftermath was released several people keep wondering who Michael Dadich is.

Michael Dadich: Bio Summary

NameMichael Dadich
Date of death June 23, 2020
Age of Death 51 years old
Cause of deathBrain aneurysm
SpouseJenna Dadich
Children Jackson Dadich
Occupation Author

Michael Dadich was an author by profession. He is known for writing The Silver Sphere: Book I of The Kin Chronicles and The Cistern Mission. He is said to have released The Silver Sphere on December 7, 2013. The Silver Sphere was able to gather excellent reviews. He wrote the short story called The Cistern Mission.

Several people were looking forward to reading more of Michael Dadich’s books. Michael was a married man. He was married to a woman named Jenna Dadich. The couple preferred to live a life away from the spotlight. There are few details about their union however, they have a son named Jackson Dadich. Jackson Dadich is reportedly a football player who played for St. Bernard High as a senior quarterback.

Michael Dadich was very supportive of his son and he played a vital role in his life. He made sure he didn’t miss any of his son’s games. His wife, Jenna has mentioned that the father and son had a way of connecting and making eye contact from any side of the arena. According to sources, Jackson had the dream to join the University of Oregon.

Michael Dadich coached several youth sports teams in Beverly Hills. In June 2020, Michael Dadich took his last breath at age 51. He died in his sleep. Medical experts diagnosed him with a brain aneurysm. He is said to have suffered the same condition, but he recovered. Michael Dadich was a close friend of producer and director Peter Winther.

Peter Winther shared a tribute to his friend Michael Dadich after he passed away. Peter called Michael everybody’s best friend and said, “He had that much love to give,” Peter added, “And to let people, even ones who never met him, know what a special human being Dadich was.

And everyone calls him Dadich. He was like Gatsby in that way. He was – I still can’t believe I’m writing in past tense – a loving husband, an incredible father, and the best friend anyone can have. I’ll never forget him. He was a fucking legend”. The Silver Sphere had excellent reviews, and we widely expected that Michael would publish more books in the series

He talked to Feathered Quill about his intention to extend the story and publish a prequel: “To read the positive reviews and receive some of the awards recently garnered; it really moves me emotionally. I always get butterflies when I read a good review.

This set of Kin will go through a trilogy, and then my plans are for a prequel revolving around the first great war on Azimuth, and Hiduex’s rise.” “In Loving Memory of our Best Friend: Michael Dadich” appears before the credits start rolling on Aftermath.


Michael Dadich was widely known after the premiere of Aftermath. Aftermath is a 2021 American horror film released on August 4 on Netflix. Michael’s friend producer, Peter Winther, dedicated the film to honor Michael Dadich. In the Aftermath, the starring couple used the surname Dadich.

In a final attempt to start fresh as a couple, they take the deal. The couple, Kevin and Natalie Dadich, moved into the house that they purchased for a bargain after a murder-suicide happened there. Their lives improve for a while, but the happiness turned into fear as unusual events start to take place in the house.

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Aftermath is based on true events although according to The Cinemaholic, the 2011 case of Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter seems to have been the chief inspiration as they experienced similar trauma to what the film’s characters go through.

The Aftermath was directed by Peter Winther and written by Dakota Gorman. The production credit goes to James Andrew Felts, Lars Winther, Peter Winther, and Rick Sasner.

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