Stacy Wilson: 21-Year-Old Girl Beheaded Infront Of Onlookers At A Bus Terminal

Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson is a young girl who was assassinated on December 11, 2006, at a crowded bus station in St. Vincent, a picturesque Caribbean island. She was beheaded in front of several spectators. This is a true crime story that has shocked several people. This article contains everything we have collected about the true crime story.

Stacy Wilson: Bio Summary

NameStacy Wilson
Date of deathDecember 11, 2006
Age of death21 Years Old
MotherEmelia Nanton
Murder Weaponmachete

In the year 2006, Stacy Wilson, a twenty-one years old girl fell victim to the cruel wrath of a man named Shorn Samuel, who was in his thirties. According to an eyewitness, on the day the incident took place, Samuel was spotted at the hospital where Stacy was working at.

The witness who is Garfield Henderson, Senior Engineering Assistant at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, revealed that Samuel was trying to get Stacy’s attention but that did not work. The witness asked Stacy if she had an idea of who Samuel was and Samuel answered by saying that Stacy is his cousin.

The witness added that Stacy said she didn’t want to talk to Samuel after Samuel asked her if he could speak with her. Stacy reportedly left work around 3:45 p.m. and caught the minibus for the Leeward Bus Terminal. Samuel also boarded the same minibus.

A passenger called Mavis Alexander reveals that while the bus was parked at the bus terminal, Stacy, who was seated in front of her switched to a different seat because of the continuous harassment by Samuel.

Mavis Alexander said, ‘I saw when Stacy went to sit next to another girl, then I hear Shorn start to grumble and then Stacy say leave me. It got to a point where Wilson left her seat and sat behind the driver. After that I see Shorn get up and I see a cutlass drop out from his right back pocket and he grab it and put it back, she related.

Samuel got out of the van, pulled the cutlass, and started firing chops at Stacy. Stacy ran out of the van and went under the bus to be safe. Then Samuel cut off her right hand with the machete. Frightened onlookers watched in shock as Samuel pulled her out from under the bus and began beheading the victim, taking numerous blows.

Samuel seemed to revel in his performance as he held up Stacy’s head for the crowd to have a glimpse. He reportedly kissed her face before dumping it on the floor. When police arrived, he threw down his gun and knelt to surrender. The unrepentant killer saluted the crowd as police arrested him. Stacy’s head and right hand were found about five meters from her body.

What Happened To Shorn Samuel?

Shorn Samuel was sentenced to life imprisonment. He had escaped the death penalty due to his longstanding mental health problems. According to the post-mortem report read by surgical pathologist Dr. Ronald Child, Stacy Wilson died as a result of dismemberment and multiple chop wounds.

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Stacy Wilson’s mother, Emelia Nanton, broke down when she saw the torn and bloodied cloth her daughter Stacy was wearing at the time of her death shown in court. Emelia Nanton told the court that Samuel was her distant cousin, who regularly visited her at her Vermont home.

Grieving mum Emelia said things got out of hand as Samuel Wilson kept saying he wanted Stacy as his wife. She said Stacy didn’t appreciate him saying those things and they stopped him from coming to their house. She reported that Samuel had apologized and continued his regular visits to her home.

After that, he would come again and start molesting Stacy. He would come to our house before Stacy Wilson leaves for work and say girl I love you and you have to be my wife, Emelia said. She even recalled at one time she had to throw a bowl of Clorox in Samuel’s face for him to leave her home.

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