[Video]- “You can Ask my Wife, My Thing Is Still Working After The COVID-19 Vaccine”- Mahama

The former President of Ghana, John Mahama on 7th March 2021 indicated that his banana is still working perfectly after being vaccinated.

According to the former president, there is a public notion that when a man injects the corvid-19 vaccine he will lose the strength of his cassava and cannot perform his functions as a man but he says all that is rumors are false and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

He made this comment while speaking at the Assemblies of God Church, Ringway Assembly.

In order to prove his point, hilariously asked the congregation to ask his wife if he was lying.

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The former President used himself as an example in order to encourage all men to get vaccinated as they won’t experience any side effects as mentioned earlier.

They are rumors going around that if you take the vaccine your something will not work again. I want to assure you that it is false.

Am urging you all to take the vaccine, Tuesday coming is going to be one week since I took mine and I can assure you it is working if you like ask the Birthday woman.

He said in a hilarious way

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