Top 15 Developed Countries In Africa

We will take a look at the Top 5 Developed Countries In Africa. For a country to be classified as developed or developing is based on their human development index. The United Nations defines the Human Development Index as an economic tool that measures indicators of achievement in key areas of human development.

Development Index– These are the level of knowledge, a long and healthy lifestyle, and a decent living standard. When these factors are combined, they give a rough idea of the impact of economies of the quality of life. While it is widely said that Africa is developing, it is important to stress that there is no African country with very high human development

Here is a short overview of the topmost developed African countries according to their human development index.

1. Mauritius:

Positioned number 1, Mauritius is the most developed country in Africa and at position 66 in the world with Human development index (HDI) of 0.804, Mauritius is also a major tourist destination in Africa. The country’s economy is dominated by its agricultural, tourism, and service sectors

2. Seychelles:

Seychelles is an island made up of 115 countries that are off the coast of East Africa. The nation has met almost all of the Millenium Development Goals and is also one of the richest in Africa. However, it sits at position 67 on the world stage with an HDI of 0.796.

3.Algeria: Algeria is number 3 on the list with an HDI of 0.748. Its is one of the largest countries in Africa that is situated North of the Sahara and borders Tunisia. It is the number 91 in the world. Algeria’s economy is dominated by oil.

4. Tunisia:

Situated in North Africa, Tunisia is positioned as the 4th most developed African country according to their HDI of 0.740 , and the 95th most developed country in the world. The significant expansion of the country’s economic muscle is a result of manufacturing, tourism, services and mining.

5. Botswana:

Its is a country situated in Southern Africa. It is one of the sparsely populated countries in Africa with a populace of only 2 million individuals. It is positioned as the 5th best country in Africa and position 100 in the world in terms of human development.

6. Libya:

Libya is positioned as the 6th most developed country in Africa and position 105 in the world with an HDI of 0.724. This is thanks to an economic set up that is predominantly dependent on oil. The country holds the largest oil reserves in Africa, however, its poor climate limits other sectors such as the agricultural industry.

7. South Africa:

Positioned as the 7th most developed country in Africa. It is positioned at position 114 in the world with an HDI of 0.709 and has a populace of 57,725,600. The economic development of South Africa has been supported by a number of activities which include: agriculture, mining, industrial growth and tertiary services.

8. Egypt:

Egypt is positioned as the 116th most developed country while in Africa it ranks at position 8. Egypt has a populace of 94,798,827 and it relies on mining, telecommunication, and agriculture. Egypt has an HDI of 0.707

9. Gabon:

Gabon is positioned as the 9th most developed country in Africa and 119th in the world with an HDI of 0.703. Gabon has a populace of 2 million and its economic expansion is dependent on oil. While mining is the major income generator, Gabon is also investing in other sectors to supplement its development.

10. Morocco:

Sits at the 10th position with an HDI of 0.697 is Morocco as one of the most developed countries in Africa and at position 121 in the world. its terrain is majorly characterized by the large deserts, mountains and abroad coastline. Morocco’s resources come from the services sector, mining, construction, manufacturing, textile, telecoms, information technology, and tourism,

among others.

11. Cape Verde:

positioned as the 11th most developed country in Africa and 126th in the world with a populace of 539,560. Cape Verde is a combination of Islands, which are located 570 km off the coast of West Africa. The country`s array of mountains, seaside villages, the relentless beauty of landscapes, and appealing beaches have been of beneficial interest to tourists and foreign investors in the country. It relies on tourism for the most part. Cape Verde has an HDI of 0.665

12. Namibia:

Situated in the southern part of Africa, Namibia is positioned as the 12th most developed country in Africa and 130 position worldwide. The economic expansion of Namibia is closely related to that of South Africa due to the fact that they share a common history. Mining, agriculture, and tourism are the major economic activities in the country. Namibia has an HDI of 0.646.

13. Sao Tome and Principle:

This is 13th most developed country in Africa and 135rd most developed in the world according to the HDI of 0.625. The economic development of Sao Tome is dominated by agriculture, which is one of the major economic activities in the country. The main export in Sao Tome is Cocoa which represents about 90% of the exports. Apart from cocoa, other export crops include: palm kennels, coffee and copra.

14. Ghana:

Ghana is positioned as the 14th on the list of the most developed African countries by HDI of 0.611 and 138 worldwide. It has a population of approximately 30 million individuals and it largely relies on the exportation of industrial minerals, agricultural products.

15. Eswatini (Swaziland):

It is positioned 15th most developed country in Africa with an HDI of 0.611 and falls at position 138 in the world. The economic growth of Swaziland is highly dependent on agriculture, forestry, and mining. As a landlocked country, the country does most of its business with South Africa.

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