Top 10 Schools With The most beautiful Uniforms In Ghana

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top 10 shs with best uniform

Top 10 Schools with the most beautiful uniform in Ghana. Ghana has over five hundred (500) senior high schools across its sixteen regions. All though these schools have the same goal in that they are dedicated to learning, they differ in certain areas. Some of these include their academic prowess, quality of education given, appearance, school uniforms, and others. We would have loved to talk about the top 20 best school uniforms in ghana but time is not on our side so we will reduce the list to just the top 10. Talking of uniforms, which school do you believe has the most beautiful SHS uniforms in Ghana? drop your comment below:

A school uniform is a very important garment for a student. Not only would it convey where you represent but to mentally prepare you for the grueling task (studying) at hand. School uniforms in Ghana are not just any piece of clothing but a part of their persona. Which they carry with pride.

Uniforms act as a means of identification and give the wearers a sense of belonging. They do not just cover the body but also confer the wearers a sense of pride. Different senior high schools across the nation use different uniforms, distinguishing them from their counterparts. Do you like your school uniform? Well, my alma Mata didn’t make the list, I don’t really like my school uniform (according to me…and please don’t ask which one is my alma mater lol…)

Here are our top 10 schools with the Most beautiful School Uniforms In no particular order.

St. Rose’s Senior High School:

top 10 shs with best uniform

This is a female secondary school in Akwatia in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It is a public college founded in 1965 by the Dominican Sisters. Its motto is truth and responsibility. It has the best SHS uniform in the Eastern Region, and its colors are blue with a touch of white. The St Roses SHS uniform, the neat appearance of the students even takes the beauty of their uniforms to another level. Making the students glow and look gorgeous in their uniforms. This makes them a choice when it comes to the top 10 schools with the most beautiful uniform. You don’t believe it? Am not saying this because my sister went there. Take a trip to the East and experience it yourself. St Roses SHS uniform rocks.

Archbishop Porter Girls SHS:
top 10 shs with best uniform

The Archbishop porters senior high school uniforms. The all-female secondary school has the best uniform in the Western Region of Ghana, Takoradi. It was established in 1965 as a catholic school but open to all other denominations. Their School uniforms are made of a gold skirt and an off-white shirt. The SHS is also known for its conducive and peaceful academic environment and as their goes motto “Puritas Mentis Et Corporis”, meaning “purity of mind and body”. The western showgirls also make good use of these nice uniforms as they always appear at gathers looking neat and classy, ready to take on the world. The Archbishop porters senior high school uniforms is a beauty

St. Mary’s Senior High School:

top 10 shs with best uniform
credit HitNG

St. Mary’s Senior High School is an all-female second-cycle institution and stands out to be one of the secondary schools in Ghana with the nicest uniform. The single-sex school is well known for its blue and white striped uniform. St. Mary’s was established on 6th February 1950 by the Catholic Missionary Sisters, servants of the Holy Spirit. The school started with ten girls and a staff of two Reverend sisters namely, the late Rev. Sister Jane and Rosette but now holds a lot of students and old students that feel proud of their alma mater. The motto for the school is; Truth and Virtue.

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Kumasi Anglican Secondary School:

top 10 shs with best uniform

Kumasi Anglican is a mixed secondary school located in the heart of Kumasi, the Ashanti Region of Ghana. It is a public secondary school founded in 1973. Its motto is unity, truth, and service. This SHS has one of the most beautiful SHS uniforms in the Ashanti Region. The uniform’s colors are gold, purple, and white. The Kumerican squads are not here to play, they always show they are true royals and always display that in the neatness of their uniforms.

Wesley Girls High School:

top 10 shs with best uniform

Another all-girls SHS is located in Cape Coast in the Central Region. this school was established in 1836 and was named after John Wesley, who founder of Methodist.

This SHS is among the best in the nation, and they have very notable alumni. Their motto is “live pure, speak true, right wrong, follow the king”. If you think you’ve seen beautiful uniform designs, wait till you check out Wesley Girls’ High School uniforms. Their uniform is attractive, and the blend of yellow and green in their skirts, and shirts, and ties gives them a classic woman look.

With their starched yellow shirts and cute green ties. Complemented by a crisply short-plated skirt which is knee-length. This gives them the sharp look of a boss lady out to accomplish her goals.

Holy Child School:

Another gem located in the Central Region of Ghana, Cape Coast, this female secondary school is also known as Angel’s Hill. It was founded in 1946 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. All of its students are boarding students. The college’s motto is Facta Non-Verba, which means Action Not Words. The college’s uniform comprises of a yellow shirt and a brown skirt and waistcoat. Making them look smart and gorgeous. The beauty of their uniform goes together with their brains. They are currently one of the top Senior high schools in the country and most people are prepared to do anything just to get their girl child into the school. Well, make sure your daughter or sister also gets some of this swag.

University Practice Senior High School:

top 10 shs with best uniform

Another school is located in the Central Region. This is a mixed secondary school and It was founded in 1976 by the University of Cape Coast. Popularly known as UPSHS and its motto is service to the community. It is a fast-growing SHS, and its uniform cannot be missed in a lineup of senior high school students. The college’s colors are navy blue and cream used in a pinafore dress and top for the girls and a shirt and knicker for the boys. It seems the UPSHS students picked their swag from the university students.

Achimota College:

Credit Kulpeeps

One of the most popular SHS in the country. In this mixed school, the Uniform is worn by the ladies of the grey city is a sight to behold. With dark green flowers inlaid in a white background, their uniforms are cut to a flattering style. This simple yet classy dress is one of the nicest SHS uniforms in the country. With all that rich green, no wonder they are water to a thirsty land. They simply look ashy when they are in a group and it’s a sight to behold.

Achimota School, previously known as Prince of Wales College and School Achimota, is a boarding school located at Achimota in Accra. This school has produced some of the biggest people not only in Ghana but also in Africa. Some of these names are Kwame Nkrumah, Edward Akufo-Addo, Jerry John Rawlings, Robert Mugabe, and many others.

Adisadel College:

Top 10 shs with best uniform

Adisadel College, popularly known as ‘ADISCO’ or the Zebra boys is an Anglican boys boarding school in Cape Coast, Ghana. It was established in 1910 by Nathaniel Temple Hamlyn. The school also stands to be named among the SHS schools with the best uniforms in Ghana. The Adisadel college uniform, their neat white and black stripes shirts paired with neatly pressed black shorts are definitely among the best SHS school uniforms in Ghana. Anytime I see these fine gentlemen in their attire, I just can’t help but stare my way through. Their neat white and black striped shirts paired with neatly pressed black shorts are definitely among the best SHS school uniforms in Ghana. It just reminds me of those striped candies on the Christmas tree. Yummy-looking candies indeed. Adisadel college uniform is one of the nicest uniforms in Ghana and there is no doubt about that.

This makes them a choice when it comes to the top 10 schools with the most beautiful uniform.

Ghana National College:

Ghana National College is a senior high school in the Central Region of Ghana. It is one of the top-rated schools. The female students in Ghana National College have a nice uniform whose background is pink with a dose of rose flowers sprinkled on it. The uniform has a nice color combination which attracts people or other students from other schools. As they say after diamonds, pink is a girl’s best friend. And it’s so apparent in the house wear of Ghana National ladies. A pretty pink background with a good dose of rose flowers sprinkled on it, neatly clinched at the waist. It is seen featuring on the list of the 10 best SHS school uniforms in Ghana and not to our surprise at all.

The school was founded on the 20th of July 1948, staffed by dismissed teachers from St. Agustine’s College and Mfantsipim school. It was founded by the first Ghanaian President Kwame Nkrumah using his own funds for eight students who had been expelled by the British Colonial Administration from St. Agustine’s College.

Ladies and gents this is your Top 10 Schools With The Most Beautiful Uniform in Ghana.

Well, you have seen the list of top 10 schools with the most beautiful uniform. Drop which school you think has the nicest uniform. Drop your comment below.

We will surely make time to bring to you the top 20 best school uniforms in ghana, make sure you check this space from time to take to get a taste of that sweet list. If your school didn’t make it, well don’t cry, your school will defiantly make it to the top 20 best school uniforms in ghana.

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