Shawn Marie Love: What Happened To Dennis Wilson’s Wife?

Shawn Marie Love

Shawn Marie Love is the wife of the late musician, singer, and songwriter Dennis Wilson. Shawn’s husband Dennis Wilson was a co-founder of the Beach Boys. Shawn claimed to be the daughter of her husband Dennis Wilson’s first cousin and bandmate, Mike Love.

Shawn Marie Love: Bio Summary

NameShawn Marie Love
Date of birth December 30, 1964
Died September 2003
Famous as Dennis Wilson’s wife, Mike Love’s daughter
Birthplace Los Angeles County, California, USA
ParentMike Love
Spouse Dennis Wilson
Children Gage Dennis Wilson

Who Is Shawn Marie Love?

Shawn Marie Harris was born on December 30, 1964, in Los Angeles County, California, USA. She claims to be the daughter of singer and songwriter Michael Edward Love commonly known as Mike Love. However, Mike Love has denied being the father of Shawn.

Details of Shawn Marie Harris’ early life, education, and family background, among other details, are still unknown. If she is the daughter of Mike Love then her siblings are Christian Love, Ambha Love, Brian Edward Alan Love, Hayleigh Love, Melinda Love, Summer Love, and Teresa Love.

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Shawn Marie Love hasn’t disclosed any information about her profession or career. She is known because of her association with Dennis Wilson. She met Dennis and they dated for some time and eventually got married. They got married in 1983. They welcomed a son and named him Gage Dennis Wilson.

Gage Dennis Wilson was born on September 3, 1982. However, Shawn Marie Love and Dennis Wilson got separated in 1983, the same year they got married. Their divorce was in the works up until Dennis died in 1983. Dennis took too much alcohol and at a point got homeless and lived a nomadic life.

Shawn Marie said: “He was acting like a real punk. He was drunk and high. It was embarrassing to me. One of my girlfriends told me he was trying to take another girlfriend to bed.”

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Shawn Marie Love and Dennis Wilson had frequent fights including physical ones. Shawn Marie recalled: “I ran up to him in the alley, and I just slugged him in the face. I came up to him like, ‘I am going to kill you.’ We got into a full-on fight. He didn’t actually punch me, but he had me down. He dragged me by my hair.”

Before marrying Shawn Marie, Dennis was married to his first wife Carole Freedman. They had one daughter, Jennifer, and adopted a son, Scott. They married on July 29, 1965, and divorced in 1967. He married Barbara Charren and had two sons, Michael and Carl.

Dennis’s songs “Lady” and “Barbara” were written about Charren. Dennis Wilson married actress Karen Lamm twice. He had a relationship with Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac.

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What Happened To Shawn Marie Love?

Shawn Marie Love died in September 2003, at the age of 38 years of liver cancer. Before her death, her husband Dennis Wilson passed away on December 28, 1983, in Marina del Rey, California, U.S., at the age of 39 years. He drowned at Marina Del Rey after drinking all day. During his last days, Dennis battled alcoholism and the comorbid use of other drugs.

Dennis Wilson abused alcohol and others including cocaine and heroin. He had longstanding tensions with some of his bandmates. The Beach Boys released a statement after his death: “We know Dennis would have wanted to continue in the tradition of the Beach Boys. His spirit will remain in our music.” His song “Farewell My Friend” was played at the funeral.

According to Shawn Marie Love, Dennis wanted a burial at sea but Dennis’ brothers Carl and Brian did not want Dennis cremated. At the time, only veterans of the Coast Guard and Navy were allowed to be buried in US waters without being first cremated, but Dennis’ burial was made possible by the intervention of then-President Ronald Reagan.

According to sources, Shawn sued Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Co. after it refused to pay $400,000 in benefits on the grounds Dennis’ death was caused by drug and drinking habits and was not accidental. In addition to the $400,000, Shawn is seeking $20 million in punitive damages.

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In 1988, Dennis Wilson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame posthumously as a member of the Beach Boys. Dennis is best remembered as the drummer of the Beach Boys. He served mainly on drums and backing vocals for the group. He was the only true surfer in the group.

Dennis Wilson was known for his association with the Manson Family and for co-starring in the 1971 film Two-Lane Blacktop. His original songs for the group included “Little Bird” (1968) and “Forever” (1970). He is also remembered for his solo album, Pacific Ocean Blue (1977).

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