Shari Eftekhari: Inside the Life of Nick Hancock’s Wife

Shari Eftekhari

Shari Eftekhari is the wife of Nick Hancock. Shari Eftekhari’s husband is a celebrated English actor and television presenter. The popular Stoke City supporter is known for hosting the sports quiz They Think It’s All Over for 10 years. He also formerly presented Room 101 (1994–1999) on TV, as well as its earlier radio version (1992–1994).

Shari Eftekhari: Bio Summary

Full NameShari Eftekhari
famous asNick Hancock’s Wife
Age 55 years old as of 2024
Date of Birth1969
Place of BirthIran
Zodiac signN/A
Children Dolores Hancock, Harvey Hancock
Spouse Nick Hancock (m. 1997)

Who is Nick Hancock’s wife?

Shari Eftekhari is the spouse of the British entertainer, Nick Hancock. Nick and Shari initially met in 1995 at a football roadshow of George Best and Rodney Marsh. From that point onward, they began meeting regularly and Hancock proposed to her.

Shari was born in 1969. According to reports, Shari was born in Iran to her parents are Muslims. She has an identical twin named Shiva. As of 2024, she is 55 years old. Shari Eftekhari whose father is Pharmacist took his family out of Iran when Shari was just 9.

Nick Hancock proposed to his wife Shari in both an entertaining and unique way. The couple were at a bar when Nick asked the bartender whether he had something caught in between his teeth. When Shari looked at him, the comedian pulled out his tongue, which had a ring on it.

This was how he explained it: We were playing pool in the Nellie Dean. I said to Shari: ‘Have I got something stuck between my teeth?’ As she looked I stuck out my tongue – there was an engagement ring on it. She said: ‘That’s lovely, yes, I will – but can we change the ring?”

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Talking about why he chose Shari over her Identical twin Shiva, the TV star said Shari and Shiva were just completely different from his point of view. Even though some of their closest friends who’ve known them for years find it difficult to tell them apart.

He went to say– “But for me there must have been something … well, chemical. People ask how come I didn’t fancy Shiva and I can’t explain why, but I had an immediate reaction to Shari. She is very beautiful.

Another thing Nick loves about his wife Shari Eftekhari is her selflessness and family orientation- He told Mirror- “She’s very self-effacing, very family orientated, very supportive and very unimpressed,” he says of Shari. “Because she’s Iranian, she doesn’t have a massive concept of what all this ‘celebrity’ thing is and that’s great.

Nick Hancock and Shari Eftekhari are parents of two children

In 1997, Shari Eftekhari answered yes, and the pair married in Staffordshire. The couple got married TWICE that summer. First, the couple wedded in a mosque – in true Muslim style, to the delight of Shari’s religious family and friends. The next day, they walked down the aisle with a traditional white wedding in a church in his hometown of Stoke-on-Trent.

Nick Hancock admitted in an interview with The Mirror that Shari did most of the organizing – “We’ve been running around planning them, Shari’s done most of the organizing because I’ve been filming,” Nick Hancock and his wife Shari Eftekhari now have a beautiful family of four, including Dolores Mina and Harvey Omid, who are the children of the couple.

Nick who is so much in love with his wife can’t stop talking about her. The referee of They Think It’s All Over told The Mirror, -“Every time I do something romantic I have to spoil it immediately, because I get embarrassed, If I give Shari flowers, I have to tell her how much they cost or that I got them free.

He continued to reveal more about the relationship- “I always ruin it for myself. I take her on a romantic weekend to Paris or somewhere and then say I’d only gone so I could get the duty-free, I don’t know why I do it – I suppose it’s in case any of my mates are listening, or something.” Fortunately for Nick, Shari, a promotions executive, understands him and wouldn’t change him for the world.

The TV star went on to admit to having a hard time talking to women when he was single. “I couldn’t spot a come-on from a girl if it hit me in the face,” he says. “My best technique at parties was to go and stand as far away as possible from the girl I fancied and then get blind drunk. Other blokes would stand as near as they could, but I’d hide behind a curtain.”

If I fancied a girl, she’d have to come up, say: ‘I fancy you’, put it in writing, and then follow up with a fax of confirmation. I wasn’t successful when I was single. To be honest I was hopeless. Being single is s**t anyway. I’ve been in relationships of one sort or another most of my life. I think they call it being a serial monogamist.“- Nick Hancock told The Mirror.

Shari Eftekhari gave up a job in advertising promotions after she met Nick he told Mirror that her career nowadays is “babysitting me”. The complete assets of Shari Eftekhari have yet to be dispersed. Despite this, she manages to maintain a pleasant relationship with her family. Her husband’s projected net worth is projected to be around 1 to 5 million dollars.

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