REVEALED: Why Judge Jailed Akuapem Poloo Instead Fining Her [Video]

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Actress and Instagram model Akuapem Poloo, known in private life as Rosemond Brown, has been sentenced to a three-month jail term. The sentencing of Poloo on Friday, April 16, 2021, followed an earlier conviction by an Accra Circuit Court presided over by Justice Christiana Cann.

Poloo was convicted after pleading guilty to charges which included the publication of obscene material and domestic violence.

Following the news of Poloo’s jail term, there has been an uproar on social media. While others think it was fair judgement, many think it to be harsh and would have rather had her fined by the court.

Poloo’s lawyer, Andrew Kudzo Vortia, seemed to have agreed with the second group and had suggested that their guilty plea and other mitigating factors were going to get Poloo off the hook and get a lenient sentence of a fine. But Judge Cann thought otherwise and had a different form of punishment for Poloo in a bid to deter others. Joy News’ Joseph Ackah Blay who was in court for the sentencing said the judge’s main reason for handing down a custodial sentence to Poloo was for it to serve as a lesson.

According to Blay, “the judge did indicate that the issue of people posting their nudes on social is an issue of concern that the court needs to take notice of and use this matter as means of sending a warning to people e that it is an illegal act and once you engage in it, there are laws that are capable of dealing with you.

The Joy News court correspondent went on to explain the charges against Poloo and other matters that happened in court. According to a report by, the judge was also concerned about the fact that Poloo disrespected her child’s privacy even though she had the responsibility for his development. “The court is bothered with posting nude photos on social media.

There is no doubt that apart from the canker of rape, defilement, physical assault, the publication of obscene materials are on the increase.

“There is, therefore, the need to uphold our societal values and deal with this canker. The best interest of the child shall be the primary concern of the court.

“Did she ask for the permission of the child before posting the said picture? Did she respect the child’s right? No she did not

“A harsh sentence will serve as a deterrent,” Ms Cann was quoted by the report as saying.

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