Read: Why Most People Cannot Become Millionaires (Rich)

Most people cannot become Millionaires, this is the sad reality. This is because most people don’t have what it takes to go on the journey of becoming super-rich.

  1. Lack of Purpose: The majority of people in the world lack purpose. what is the meaning of this statement? Most people don’t really know why they exist. The most important question to ask your self is not HOW TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE BUT RATHER WHY SHOULD I BECOME A MILLIONAIRE. Most millionaires started off by having a goal to take their families from poverty.
  2. Lack of Ambition: Ambition is the fuel that drives purpose, If you lack purpose definitely you will lack ambition. Many people who conquered the world such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon, all had great burning ambitions. This is the same for people who became great athletes, boxing champions, and millionaires.
  3. Procrastination: Procrastination they say is the thief of time. Procrastination is the failure to take positive action. It is one of the greatest enemies of mankind. I will do it tomorrow and it never gets done. Most people spend their time daydreaming and doing nothing and as a result, becomes poor.
  4. Lacks Discipline: Lack of discipline is also another hindrance that has stopped a lot of people from achieving so many things. Opportunities and chance come to everyone, although not at the same time but they really do, and when they come, lack of vision, financial discipline and unpreparedness greatly undermine financial success.
  5. Lack Of patience: Most people don’t have the patience to wait for the seed they have sown to grow. The seed is the raw material you put into the soil and work is the time and effort you invest. The process is what takes effect without your interference. It is beyond your control.
  6. Hard vs Smart Work: Most people will not become millionaires because they never learned how to work smart. In the 19th century, it takes 30 years to be rich. In the 20th century, it takes 20 years but in the 21 century, it takes 6 months. This is because of something called leverage. Rich people leverage their time, money, skills, and machines.
  7. Fear of failure: The greatest roadblock to progress is the fear of failure. The process of building and acquiring wealth feels out of reach and impossible to most people. I Guess you can vividly remember how you used to believe that one day you would become rich and eliminate all your family’s financial problems. However, as we grew older, we began to listen to a barrage of constant voices from adults warning us that we shall fall if we try this, or we shall fail and get embarrassed if we try that, and so on. Gradually, we lost our inner courage, and eventually, we completely replaced our courage with fear. Take a risk and do something, not doing it is also a risk.
  8.  Time Management: Time is money. Most people will not even come near to becoming millionaires because they cannot manage their time. We all have 24 hours, including the richest man in the world. But what we sie that 24 hours for is what determines the outcome. Do spend your watching movies or scrolling through social media? Let me tell you the truth some of your mates are busy working and building their businesses. The difference between the rich and the poor is how they spend their time.

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