Messiah of mentukwah; How Anas saved children hidden and beaten in the forest for the second coming of Jesus

Karl Marx famously describes religion as the “opiate of the masses.” Marx argues that religion is an ideological tool that legitimates and defends the interests of the dominant, wealthy classes in the population. It does so in part by placating the poor and exploited classes.

Its reaaly sad to see people do all kinds of crazy things in the name of releigion, Jesus will surely return but are believers required to travel to a remote place, beat children and force them into marriages all in religious quest to await the rapture? if Jesus is around will he be happy with these actions?

The investigative work by Ace Ghanaian investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, dubbed “The Messiah of Mentukwa” was aired on state broadcaster GTV revealing how a certain prophetess managed to convinced her brainwashed congregants to detach themselves from this world and hide in a forest in anticipation of Jesus Christ return.

The exposé, which unearth the tyrannical teachings and tutelage that has seen some teenagers coerced into untimely matrimony under the pretext of an imminent Armageddon, a rapture as has been repeatedly read in the revered and redeeming book of Revelation.

The bizarre nature of the sect which abided by strict compulsory rules compelled them to stay in a remote area with the strong conviction that they will be snatched by the angels into heaven upon the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The children indoctrinated to stay in the camp to have a heavenly reward with Jesus Christ the Messiah when he appears with rapture to send them to Paradise were nine in number; three girls and four boys.

They were given some sort of funny names with the twins among them bearing Noah Jesus Christ and Job Jesus Christ. These innocent children who got separated from their parents because of their faith, were bent on staying in the camp and until Jesus Christ descends to earth they won’t ever leave. This is the price they pay for their salvation.

Days of hardcore undercover investigations in the deep forest of Mentukwah, surrounded by bushy hills and large timbers unraveled that, some of the girls mostly minors upon the prophecy by the prophetess were forced into marriages without their approval and they were required to oblige or else any resistance would receive witchcraft accusations, verbal assault and at times physical assault.

They were whipped at the least provocation with most of them denied education and even schooling in the camp.

The prophetess bearing the name Ellen Jesus Christ, had admonished pastors, elders, women and children in the camp to be obedient, get prepared as potential heavenly candidates and be rest assured of in their faith as the Mentukwah camp is the only place devoid of sins to receive God’s rapture and take them to heaven.

Anas exposé brought to light the activities in the camp. The Authorities stepped in and took the children to social welfare for proper care.


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