Kimberly Violette Petty: Who Is Tom Petty’s Daughter?

Kimberly Violette Petty

Kimberly Violette Petty is the daughter of American musician Thomas Earl Petty better known as Tom Petty. Kimberly’s father Tom Petty was known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the rock band Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. He previously led the band Mudcrutch, was a member of the late 1980s supergroup the Traveling Wilburys, and had success as a solo artist. He had many hit records.

Kimberly Violette Petty: Bio Summary

NameKimberly Violette Petty
Born 1982
Age41 years old as of 2023
Gender Female
Famous asdaughter of Tom Petty
Nationality American
Parents Tom Petty and Jane Benyo
Grandparents Earl Petty and Katherine Petty
Siblings Adria Petty and Dylan Petty
Occupation Artist

How Old Is Kimberly Violette Petty?

Kimberly Violette Petty was born in 1982. She will be 41 years old after celebrating her birthday in 2023. She is the child of Tom Petty and his former wife Jane Benyo. Her parents were married in 1974, and they divorced in 1996. She has a biological sister, Adria Petty, a director, editor, art director, and artist. Also, Kimberly has a half-brother Dylan Petty.

Kimberly Violette Petty is the grandchild of Kitty Petty (nee Avery), a local tax office worker, and Earl Petty, who was a traveling salesman. Kimberly is believed to have lived a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle as a child. She is also known as Annakim Violette. Kimberly is an artist and her work is exhibited on her Instagram handle. She has a passion for fashion. She is “a fashion icon,” according to L.A. Weekly.

Kimberly described herself as a “love terrorist” in an interview with L.A. Weekly. “Unapologetically, I love costumes,” she says. “But I hate the fashion industry. I don’t have a standard. My low is my high, basically.” She also told L.A. Weekly: “It’s not that I don’t see a dark side, but the dark side doesn’t look any different to me than the light. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.”

Per, Kimberly Violette Petty grew up traveling and, as a result, does not consider herself part of one world. She believes that people can be connected to anyone in any part of the world. She said: “You can take people that are in different places in the world, have never met, and have a collective that could be so similar that it’s terrifying, yet their experiences are completely distinct from the people around them.”

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To Kimberly, one’s fashion taste should be like music. “Music is like liquid, and I feel like clothing should be more like music. It’s like a song that you love. It shouldn’t be about something that’s trying to fit in or out of the world. It should be something that’s bringing people closer to the world… it’s one of those things where it makes me not take life so seriously. I feel like clothing should be the opposite of anxiety.”

Kimberly Violette Petty is said to have appeared in a short film by designer Alia Raza called Dual. She reportedly produced a film, Garden of Eden, which was written by Rachel Kolar and directed by Maximilla Lucas. Kimberly hasn’t disclosed any information about her partner. It is unknown if she is in a relationship or married.

Kimberly Lost Her Father And Was Involved In A Legal Battle With Stepmom

Kimberly Violette Petty lives in the world now without her biological father, Tom Petty. She lost her father on October 2, 2017, in Santa Monica, California, U.S. He was killed by an accidental drug overdose, 18 days before his 67th birthday. His manager released a statement, per PEOPLE and said:

“On behalf of the Tom Petty family we are devastated to announce the untimely death of our father, husband, brother, leader, and friend Tom Petty. He suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu in the early hours of this morning and was taken to UCLA Medical Center but could not be revived. He died peacefully at 8:40 p.m. PST surrounded by family, his bandmates, and friends.

Before her father’s death, Kimberly shared photos of herself and her father as she visited moments she had with him. Kimberly shared a series of Instagram posts as she sat in the hospital with her father following his cardiac arrest. Her father was found unconscious at his home, not breathing, and in cardiac arrest, on October 2, 2017, and was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California. Kimberly shared a photo of herself and her father and she wrote: “We are all a mirror of divine love.”

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Kimberly Violette Petty shared other posts including one of a jacket and she wrote: “My dad had matching stage clothes made for me as a kid this jacket still fits me made by glen Palmer from granny takes a trip when I got the call to come to the hospital I grabbed this jacket and I’m still wearing it⚡️”.

Following her father’s death, Kimberly Violette Petty shared a photo of him and wrote: “RIP💜”.

Tom Petty was married to Dana Petty until he passed away. On September 28, 2018, his widow Dana granted an interview to Billboard, where she said Tom Petty put off hip surgery his doctors had recommended for some time.

He’d had it in mind it was his last tour and he owed it to his long-time crew, from decades some of them, and his fans”, she said. Dana mentioned that her late husband, Tom Petty was in a good mood the day before his death: “He had those three shows in L.A. Never had he been so proud of himself, so happy, so looking forward to the future—and then he’s gone.”

Kimberly Violette Petty and her sister Adria Petty were involved in a legal battle with their stepmother Dana Petty. According to Billboard, a petition filed in Los Angeles County court had it that Dana claimed her stepdaughters, Kimberly and Adria ‘are attempting to thwart her role as trustee by making it nearly impossible to manage’ her late husband Tom Petty’s estate.

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Dana requested the court to establish an operating agreement that would appoint a manager to exercise authority over any “significant decisions” made regarding Tom Petty’s assets. She also requested that all such decisions require consensus between the three women to prevent Kimberly and Adria from overriding her.

Dana accused Adria in particular of abusive behavior towards her and Tom Petty’s managers, record labels, and former bandmates. Adria alleges that she and her sister Kimberly have been left out of “marketing, promotional, and artistic considerations” around their father Tom Petty’s posthumous album releases, which include the 2018 An American Treasure box set and the 2019 greatest-hits album The Best of Everything.

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