Gene Shalit’s children- Willa, Peter, Emily, Nevin, Andrew, and Amanda Shalia 

Gene Shalit’s children

Gene Shalit is a father of Six Children

Media Personality Gene Shalit is best known for being a regular face on “The Today Show” between 1973 and 2010. He is characterized for his frequent use of puns, his oversized handlebar moustache and fuzzy hair, and for wearing colorful bowties. Aside from being an author, Film, and book critic, Gene is also a father. He is the father of six children with his wife Nancy Shalit.

Gene Shalit’s children are Willa Shalit, Peter Shalit, Emily Shalit, Nevin Shalit, Andrew Shalit, and Amanda Shalit. Though he lost the mother of his children Nancy and one of his daughters, the rest of his children are out there living their best lives. Who are Shalit’s children?

Gene Shalit’s Son Peter Shalit is a Physician

Peter Shalit is the first child of Gene and his wife Nancy. Born on Feb 15, 1954, he is 69 years old as of 2023. Peter Shalit is a physician and author who lives in Seattle. After he earned his medical practitioner license, Peter who is gay opened a private clinic where he primarily serves gay patients, half of whom are battling HIV/AIDS per University of Wasington Magazine

“I think there are a number of gay people who are more comfortable going to a place where they don’t have that barrier of feeling like they’re different.“- He said when asked about why he thinks the gay community needs specialized care in an interview with UW magazine. Peter is also the author of Living Well: The Gay Man’s Essential Health Guide.

Gene Shalit’s son came to his defense when he got into trouble with the Gay community. He was criticized by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) for his review of the film Brokeback Mountain in which he referred to Jake Gyllenhaal’s character as a “sexual predator”

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Coming to his father’s defense in a letter to GLAAD, Peter Shalit pointed out that his father was not homophobic and that it was precisely that feature of him that made him analyze and review the film “as he saw it.” “It is precisely because my dad is not homophobic that he felt free to criticize the movie as he saw it,” wrote Peter.

Willa Shalit is an artist and entrepreneur

Gene Shalit’s daughter Willa is a social entrepreneur and strategic advisor. Willa who was born in 1955 is also widely recognized for her work as an artist, theatre and television producer, photographer, and author/editor. She is 63 years old. Her name comes from the American author Willa Cather.

When she was barely in her teens, their mother was institutionalized for the first of what would become a lifelong series of visits to mental hospitals. This left the two older siblings- Willia and Peter to help raise their four younger siblings. “Having a family member become ill was an early lesson in empathy,” Willa told CNN.

When Willa was 15, she was raped at knifepoint, this encouraged her to bring economic advancement to women in post-trauma zones.  As a social entrepreneur, Gene Shalia’s daughter Willa has worked to create markets in the United States for products manufactured jointly by Palestinian and Israeli women, and by women survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

For her wonderful works, Women’s eNews named her one of “21 Leaders for the 21st Century” in 2006. Aside from all these, she is a Wife and a mother. She has a daughter whose name is Natasha Schneider.

Gene Shalit’s daughter Emily Shalit died of ovarian cancer

Gene Shalit’s daughter Emily Shalit was born on August 22, 1957. She is 55 years old at the time of her passing. She also followed in different footsteps from her father, Emily was a writer, poet, pianist, and animal rescuer. Emily who has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for decades helped form a Berkshire support group of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers.

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Emily Shalit passed away on November 28, 2012, at the Great Barrington Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. Emily’s immediate cause of her passing was revealed to be ovarian cancer, against which she fought heroically for three years.

Where are Gene Shalit’s children- Nevin Shalit, Andrew Shalit, and Amanda Shalit

Nevin Shalit, Andrew Shalit, and Amanda Shalit are not very popular like their other siblings. Growing up, their father shielded the family from the public eye. It is unclear what exactly Nevin Shalit, Andrew Shalit, and Amanda Shalit are up to, but we believe they also out there living their best life.

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Their father Gene Shalit who was born on March 25, 1926, in New York turned 97 years old in 2023. Their mother Nancy Lewis Shalit passed away at the age of 48 of cancer in August 1978. After their mother passed away, their father did not get married again.

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