Kathleen Dugan Aka Big Kathy: What happened to Kyle Richards’ mother?

Kathleen Dugan

Who is Kathleen Dugan?

Kathleen Dugan was an Irish-American casting director and also the mother of Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards. Kathleen Dugan’s children have gained massive popularity in Hollywood. Her daughter Kathy Hilton is a fashion designer, actress, and television personality. Kim Richards and Kyle Richards have appeared as the main cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since 2010, and as of 2022, Kyle is the last remaining original cast member on the show. Since 2021, Hilton has also starred in that series.

Kathleen Dugan: Bio Summary

Full NameKathleen Mary Dugan
famous as mother of Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards
Age 63 years old at the time of death
Date of BirthApril 7, 1938
Place of Birth Ohama, Nebraska, United States of America
Date of deathMarch 2, 2002
Zodiac signAries
ChildrenKathy Hilton, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards
Spouse Ken RichardsLaurence K. Avanzino
Parents Edward J. Dugan and Dorothy Callahan.

How old was Kyle Richards’ mother?

Kathleen Dugan was born on April 7, 1938, in Ohama, Nebraska, United States of America. She is the daughter of Edward J. Dugan and Dorothy Callahan. She was 63 years old at the time of her sad passing. Kathleen has been married to four husbands. Her first marriage was to Lawrence Avanzino (father of Kathy Hilton), She then got married to Ken Richards (father of Kim and Kyle), Jack Catain, and finally to Robert Fenton before her sad passing.

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Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards’ mother is a descendant of Irish immigrants, most of who immigrated to the U.S. in the mid-19th century and eventually settled in the Midwest. Her father was an attorney and politician. Though we believe that Kathleen Dugan aka Big Kathy had a formal education, we can give any detail about her educational background.

Kathy Hilton, Kim, and Kyle Richards’ mom was rumored to be a Hollywood Madam

According to Cheatsheet, the book House of Hilton gives more insight into the life of the mother of the Hollywood stars. The mother of Paris Hilton, Big Kathy had quite the life philosophy — especially when it came to marriage. Apparently, she instructed her daughters and granddaughters from an early age to follow in her footsteps by marrying rich men and having a lot of babies. At one point, she bragged that her daughters “are married to men who have a total net worth of $13 billion.”

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Following her own philosophy, the mother of the actresses was said to have had her eye on Kyle and Kim’s dad Ken Richards when he was still married to another woman. The book alleges that Big Kathy and Ken had an affair. And one night, she drugged Ken’s wife at a bar before following her to her vehicle and slamming her ankle into the car door. She got pregnant around January 1964, and used her pregnancy to force Richards to get a quickie Mexican divorce and marry her, Richards’s daughter, Diane, from his first marriage, told author Oppenheimer According to Dailymail.

The mother of the Hollywood stars allegedly used the power of sex when manipulating the men in her life. And she taught her daughters how to do the same. “Big Kathy told Ken that she wanted Kathy Hilton to know all about sex, and how to perform sex, literally, the best way possible,” Sylvia Richards asserts in House of Hilton. “So she asked a young man to teach her in his van.”

According to Cheatsheet, Kathleen Dugan also turned her philosophy of hooking up with rich men into a business. She was rumored to have been a Hollywood Madam because she hooked up so many young girls — who were friends of her daughters — with rich, older men.

In Jerry Oppenheimer’s book, it is also alleged that once Kathleen Dugan aka Big Kathy hooked up with a guy — either through marriage or having children with him — she lost interest. She reportedly bragged about her treatment of her last husband Bob. “I don’t do s**t for Bob. I won’t travel with him, I won’t cook for him, I won’t do anything for him,” the Mother of Kathy Hilton allegedly said. The book also claims that Kathleen Dugan forced her husband Bob to sell his home and put the $250K he received in profits into renovations for her home in Palm Springs.

What happened to Kathleen Dugan?

The mother of Kathy Hilton, Kyle Richards, and Kim Richards, Kathleen Dugan passed away on March 2, 2002, after battling breast cancer for years. According to Cheatsheet, one of Big Kathy’s final wishes was for Bob to move out of the house he helped pay for. She gave him one year to leave because, in her will, she left the home to her daughters.

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