Josephine Rogers: What Happened to Ottis Williams’ Ex-wife?

Josephine Rogers

Josephine Rogers is the ex-wife of American baritone singer, Otis Williams. Josephine’s former partner Otis Williams is an occasional songwriter and a record producer. He is the founder and last surviving original member of the Motown vocal group The Temptations. Although Josephine and Otis Williams are no longer together, Josephine is renowned because of Otis to date.

Josephine Rogers: Bio Summary

NameJosephine Rogers
Date of birthN/A
Famous asOtis Williams’ ex-wife
SpouseOtis Williams
ChildrenOtis Lamont Williams

Who is Josephine Rogers?

Josephine Rogers is renowned as the ex-wife of singer​, songwriter​, and producer Otis Williams. She was previously wedded to Otis. They dated for a while after they first met and eventually decided to get married. Otis proposed to Josephine and she accepted his proposal.

Josephine Rogers and Otis Williams beautifully got married in a ceremony attended by their family, loved ones, and friends. They got married somewhere in the year 1961. Josephine became the first wife of Otis Williams. Everything was going on well with the couple and they decided to expand their family.

Josephine Rogers and her then-husband Otis Williams welcomed a son and named him Otis Lamont Miles. Their son Otis Lamont Miles was born in the same year they got married, in 1961. After three years of marriage, Josephine and Otis opted for a divorce. They got divorced in the year 1964.

Rogers has stayed out of the spotlight after her divorce. We have no idea if she remarried and had children or not. But we know that her ex-husband Otis Williams got engaged to Patti LaBelle. Patti LaBelle is also known as the “Godmother of Soul”. She is an American singer, actress, and businesswoman.

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Otis Williams and Patti LaBelle got engaged around 1964, soon after Otis got divorced from his first wife Josephine Rogers. Otis and Patti’s engagement lasted only for one year before Patti ended it. Patti ended the engagement fearing that Otis would force her to move to Detroit.

During their engagement, Otis suggested to Patti that she should move to Detroit. He also asked her to quit her singing career and become a housewife. After this Patti knew that the relationship between her and Otis wouldn’t work out. She mentioned that she’s “glad” that she “didn’t marry” Otis.

According to OWN, Patti LaBelle said, “I ended up seeing Otis, and we ended up becoming engaged” .”I think I was more in love with The Temptations than Otis Williams, who was a very sweet man. They were big at that time, you know, and sometimes you get a little celebrity crazy, and I think I was in that category.”

Patti LaBelle added, “I said very nicely, ‘The engagement is off. I have to sing for the rest of my life. If they weren’t paying me, I have to sing. That’s how it is with me’. “I still really care for him very much. … But I’m glad I didn’t marry you, boo boo.”

Otis Williams later married Ann Cain from 1967 until they divorced in 1973. Otis married Arleata “Goldie” Williams (née Carter), in 1983. Arleata’s daughter Elan Carter became 1994’s Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for June 1994.

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Josephine Rogers lost her son

Josephine Rogers and Otis Williams had a son named Otis Lamont Williams. Otis Lamont was born in 1961, the same year his parents were married. He was a construction worker. He died in 1983, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He sadly died from falling off a building while he was working. He died at the age of 22 years. Other sources reveal that he died on 8 August 1985, at the age of 24 years.

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Where is Josephine Rogers now?

Josephine Rogers’ whereabouts are not publicly known. She has stayed out of the limelight and has not appeared in the news in this recent times. She has lived a private life and her personal details are very scarce on the Internet. It is not known if she is still alive or not.

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