Joh Vonnie Jackson: Everything About The Daughter Of Joe Jackson

Joh Vonnie Jackson

Joh Vonnie Jackson is an author and the daughter of Joe Jackson. Joh Vonnie’s father Joe was a talent manager and patriarch of the Jackson family of entertainers. He is the father of successful and popular entertainers including singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer Janet Jackson, and singer, songwriter, dancer, and philanthropist Michael Jackson, known as the “King of Pop”. Joe was the manager of the boy band, the Jackson 5 (later known as the Jacksons).

Joh Vonnie Jackson: Bio Summary

Name Joh Vonnie Jackson
Famous as daughter of Joe Jackson
Age 49 years old as of 2023
Date of birth August 30, 1974
Place of birth United States
Nationality American
SiblingsMichael, Janet, La Toya, Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie, Marlon, Tito, Jackie, and Brandon
Grandparents Samuel Jackson and Crystal Lee
Parents Joe Jackson and Cheryle Terrell

Who Is Joe Jackson’s Daughter, Joh Vonnie Jackson?

Joh Vonnie Jackson was born on August 30, 1974, in the United States. As of 2023, she is 49 years old. She is the daughter of Joseph Walter “Joe” Jackson (July 26, 1928 – June 27, 2018) and Cheryle Terrell. Her father was a former boxer and crane operator at US Steel. He played guitar with a local rhythm and blues band, the Falcons.

Joe Jackson would later become a talent manager and patriarch of the Jackson family of entertainers. Joh Vonnie’s parents, Joe and Cheryle never got married. Joe was having an affair with Cheryle while he was still married to his wife Katherine Jackson. The affair between Joe and Cheryle led to Katherine filing for divorce.

Katherine decided to rescind the divorce papers. Katherine and Joe will remain legally married until Joe passes away in 2018. The two were reportedly living separately but Katherine denied rumors that she and Joe were estranged. Joh Vonnie Jackson is the only child of her parents, which means she has no biological siblings.

However, Joh Vonnie has 10 half-siblings from her father’s marriage to Katherine. Her half-siblings are Maureen Reillette “Rebbie” Jackson, Sigmund Esco “Jackie” Jackson, Toriano Adaryll “Tito” Jackson, Jermaine La Jaune Jackson, La Toya Yvonne Jackson, twins Marlon David Jackson, and Brandon David Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson, Steven Randall “Randy” Jackson and Janet Damita Jo Jackson.

Joh Vonnie’s half-brother Brandon David Jackson who is the twin of Marlon David Jackson, died a few hours after he and his twin were born. Joh Vonnie’s paternal grandparents were Crystal Lee (née King; May 1907 – November 4, 1992) and Samuel Joseph Jackson (April 4, 1893 – October 31, 1993). Her grandfather was a teacher.

Joh Vonnie Jackson Was Raised Secretly

There isn’t much information about Joh Vonnie Jackson’s childhood as she was raised away from the spotlight. Her father Joe wanted to keep her away from the prying eyes of the media. Growing up, she didn’t get to spend time with her half-siblings who became successful musicians and entertainers. She once said in an interview:

“I was very aware that I was in the Jackson family growing up. I saw them on TV, I listened to their music,” she told the British press in a 2018 interview (per a source). “But I was hidden away, kept secret for years, not able to become part of the family. It was hurtful.” Eventually, Joh Vonnie met her half-siblings but she revealed that they weren’t close to her.

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According to Daily Mail, Joh Vonnie Jackson disclosed that she was treated like an “outsider” by her half-siblings. When she met her half-brother Michael Jackson at a family reunion, she said Michael was “cold and emotionless towards her.” Joh Vonnie is the author of the book ‘Bastard Child’. She said of her half-siblings:

I have met every single last one of them, but for some reason there has always been something stopping them from accepting me, from being close to me. Of course when I was around them there was a show of love, but once I was gone there was no phone calls asking how I’m doing or how is my daughter doing, it’s upsetting, real hurtful and I still feel rejected.

Even when my mother died in 2014 the first person who called me was their mother Katherine, the only sibling to call was Rebbie, she’s the only one who really cares.” Joh Vonnie Jackson added: “I later said to my brother Jermaine, “my mother died,” he started stuttering and said, “I was gonna call.” It was a wake up call, it let me know my position in the family. As far as I’m concerned they can all kiss my a**.

Speaking of the time she met her half-brother Michael Jackson at the family reunion, Joh Vonnie said “It was a big moment for” her. She said, “But Michael was looking at me and seemed cold and standoffish, he just said hi and then he saw my daughter Yasmine, and he was just fascinated with her, in awe.”

“He said “Hi Jasmine” and I said, “No, Michael, her name is Yasmine with a Y,” I had to correct him. He said “okay, Yasmine with a Y,” and then that was it. He never acknowledged that I was his sister, there was no hug or kiss, not even a hand shake, no physical contact at all.”

“I wanted to embrace him, I thought that he would wanna go someplace quiet and sit and talk with me and ask me about my life and get to know me a little better. It was very hurtful, he wasn’t interested at all.” It was said that Joh Vonnie’s father Joe Jackson favored her over all her siblings. Joh said Rebbie is the only half-sibling she was able to connect with.

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Where Is Joe Jackson’s Daughter Now?

Joh Vonnie Jackson used to work in the timeshare industry and live in Las Vegas with her daughter Yasmine who was studying to be a nurse. It is unknown if she has moved from the place or still lives there. She has stayed away from the spotlight. She worked as a baggage handler at an airport.

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