Ghanaian Men Are Stingy – Rose Of Date Rush

Owusu Konadu Rose a participant of TV3 Date Rush has made a statement about Ghanaian men. Rose has declared Ghanaian men, “stingy”.

During an interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show, Rose made this known.She made this statement after Manbossey,her date revealed on TV3 that she always ask for money whenever he sends her a message.

Rose mentioned that she was only testing her date and she wasn’t serious when she told him that she was broke.

However,she confessed that she would have taken the money if the guy had given it to her.Even after she attached crying emojis to her message to him, Manbossey did not send the money.

Rose said a man should be able to surprise his woman when she has not even asked for something.

Rose indicated that she was pissed when Manbossey disclosed this on live TV, meanwhile, he didn’t give her the money.

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