From A Village To Canada: Viral ‘Fufu king’ Our day Boy Receives Massive Favor

This year’s Our day came with a lot of stories and massive transformations, from Oswald the boy whose Our day letter went viral to the extended celebrities and big brands rushed to his school to perform and also to present gifts.

And then we have this young boy, Daniel whose parents couldn’t afford to get him rice as he wanted and had to go for the Our day with Fufu.

The young boy who was seen in a viral video eating heavy fufu on his Our day has also been hit with massive favor. From a very poor home at Nkwantapong in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, the young boy whose name has been given as Daniel will be relocated to Canada to continue his education.

Daniel has a sad background, the father who used to be the breadwinner is dead, and the mother is also battling mental health illness. There was no hope for his situation until the story was captured in the viral fufu moment and shared on social media.

Some Goodsamaritans paid him a visit at his home and the spectacle was very sad, he lives in a mud house with his other siblings and the bedroom where they sleep after a hard day’s work is nothing to write home about.

The school Daniel attends, Nkwantapong DA School is also in a bad shape, with poor classrooms and facilities. The desks in the school look broken with the school building almost collapsing. It is alleged that the young boy who is not even yet in his teenage has resorted to galamsey to be able to be in school and also survive.

With the help of some good samaritans, there is good news, the power of social media has brought favor on the young boy and the story of him and his entire family will change for the better. 

A Good Samaritan known as Musah Ghana has promised to relocate the Our day “Fufu King” from his village to Canada. He is set to adopt the young boy and have all his educational expenses paid. The good news was posted on the official Facebook page of Teacher Kwadwo a few moments ago. If this promise should be fulfilled, the young boy will have his life changed for the better. 

Kennedy Gedzah

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