Dashiell William Raimi: Facts About The Son Of Sam Raimi

Dashiell William Raimi

Dashiell William Raimi is the son of American director, producer, screenwriter, and actor Samuel Marshall Raimi also known as Sam Raimi. Dashiell’s father Sam Raimi directed the Spider-Man trilogy, the Evil Dead franchise, Darkman, The Quick and the Dead, A Simple Plan, The Gift, Drag Me to Hell, Oz the Great and Powerful, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and many others.

Dashiell William Raimi: Bio Summary

Name Dashiell William Raimi
Famous as son of Sam Raimi
Date of birth N/A
Place of birth United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Siblings Henry Raimi, Emma Raimi, Lorne Raimi, and Oliver Raimi
Parents Sam Raimi and Gillian Greene
Occupation Director, actor, writer

Who Is Sam Raimi’s Son, Dashiell?

Dashiell William Raimi is the son of filmmaker and actor Sam Raimi and his wife actress and director Gillian Greene. Dashiell’s date of birth is unknown so it is difficult to tell his age. His parents Sam Raimi and Gillian Greene have been married since 1993. He is not the only child of his parents.

Dashiell William Raimi has a sister and three brothers. His sister is Emma Raimi and his brothers are Henry Raimi, Lorne Raimi, and Oliver Raimi. His paternal uncles are American character actor, director, comedian, and writer Theodore ‘Ted’ Raimi and screenwriter and physician Ivan Raimi.

Dashiell’s paternal aunt Andrea Raimi Rubin is a court reporter. His maternal aunt Linda Greene Bennett is a biographer. His grandparents from his father’s side were Celia Barbara (née Abrams) and Leonard Ronald Raimi. His grandparents from his mother’s side are Lorne Greene and Nancy Deale.

Lorne Greene who was born Lyon Himan Green was a Canadian actor, musician, singer, and radio personality. His notable television roles include Ben Cartwright in the Western Bonanza and Commander Adama in the original science-fiction television series Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980.

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There are unknown facts regarding Dashiell William Raimi’s life as a child such as his childhood experiences. His educational background and qualifications are not known. Dashiell is a director, actor, and writer, looking at his IMDb page. He appeared as Quadling Bugle Boy in Oz the Great and Powerful.

Dashiell William Raimi served as the writer and director of Between the Lines. He has lived a private life and prefers not to share information about himself to the public. It is not known if he is married or is dating someone at the moment. He has not been involved in any controversies or rumors.

Dashiell William Raimi’s father Sam Raimi is one of the popular American filmmakers. Speaking of when he realized he wanted to become a filmmaker professionally, Sam told Rolling Stone: “I think it was when I was in 10th grade and met Bruce Campbell and my buddies Scott Spiegel and Tim Quill, who were all making these Super 8 movies.”

Dashiell William Raimi’s Father Sam Raimi

“And it was like, “Oh, my gosh, these guys get together every weekend. They’ve got partners. Somebody can film. Somebody can throw the pie. Somebody can take the pie in the face. This is everything we need.” One kid had costumes, like two suit jackets from a garage sale. Another kid had a tripod, and I thought, “It’s possible.”

“I can join up with these guys, and they have similar interests.” That really was a giant advantage for me to find somebody else after making movies for three years on my own from the age of, like, 12. Suddenly I actually could take it on as something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It seemed possible at that point.”

Sam Raimi is best known for directing the Spider-Man trilogy (2002–2007) and the Evil Dead franchise (1981–present). In 2022, reflecting on Spider-Man 3, Sam told Rolling Stone: “It was a very painful experience for me. I wanted to make a Spider-Man movie to redeem myself for that. [The aborted] Spider-Man 4 — that was really what that was about.”

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“I wanted to go out on a high note. I didn’t want to just make another one that pretty much worked. I had a really high standard in my mind. And I didn’t think I could get that script to the level that I was hoping for by that start date.” Sam Raimi is the founder of the production company Renaissance Pictures and Ghost House Pictures.

Sam Raimi’s films are known for their highly dynamic visual style, inspired by comic books and slapstick comedy. He is said to be the first director ever to do three live-action adaptations of a comic book character. He is one of the most successful directors of all time.

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