“Akuapem Polo has been jailed, but an MP who shot and burnt motorbikes have been rewarded”- Manasseh

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The brouhaha on Ghana’s social media sensationist Rosemond Brown Popularly known as Akuapem poloo continue to trending and people are calling for her to be set free.

The young lady has been sent to prison for 90 days as a result of some of her actions on social media. The surprising sentence of Akuapem poloo has triggered a lot of reactions among Ghanaians on social media and other online platforms.

There ars clearly laws in Ghana but they seem to affect some section of the population leaving others to go free.

Her sentencing has triggered a lot of debates since there are a lot of Ghanaians who have committed serious crimes against the law but are left unpunished so why jailing a single mother

Akuapem poloo has been jailed because of taking a nude picture with her little son and posting it online.

The latest to add his voice to the case of Akuapem poloo is one of Ghana’s finest investigative journalism Manasseh Azure Awuni.

According to the journalist there is a member of Parliament who has openly admitted of firing gun shots at public place and burning motorbikes but nothing has been done to her and has even been rewarded with a ministerial appointment.

“They are against the fact that Akuapem Polo has been sentenced, but the MP and Minister who took responsibility for the shooting and the burning of motorbikes at a voters registration Centre has been rewarded with a substantive ministerial position.

And the police have released the thugs who were with her and actually fired the guns, according to eyewitnesses”

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In a video she posted online before her sentencing she expressed her profound gratitude to all celebrities who have been with her through this trying moments.

She however assured her fans that, she is still strong but will need their prayers.

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