8 Car Logo With Stars- Check them out!

Car Logo With Stars

There are many Car Logo With Stars and You will definatly agree with me that the star is one of the most popular symbols for visual identities of different brands and in the auto mobile industry thing are not that different.

Though a star is a symbol are often associated with positive messages and metaphors, and often represent purity, good luck, and ambitions, not many automakers have found a way to adapt it to their badges. Maybe the reason is in the meaning, as Star is associated with glory and success, and is pretty pretentious and requires a high degree of responsibility from the brand using it.

Do Car Logo With Stars deliver up to the meaning of the star in the logo? The variety of star shapes — from three-pointed elegant and stylized to traditional five-pointed symbols have been used in many brands to represent the image of their companies. Here is a list of Car Logo With Stars.

1. Chrysler- Car Logo With Stars

Chrysler is one of the famous car brands in the world. The company uses a star emblem, but abandoned it in favor of a more traditional auto industry symbol — wings. When Cerberus Capital Man-agement became part of the Chrysler Group, the traditional “Pentastar” (star in a pentagon) was given new life as the official corporate identity. However, after forming the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Group (FCA), management decided to update the emblem, so now there’s no trace of the star left.

Chrysler is an Italian-American automobile manufacturer that is a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US LLC. The Chrysler company was founded in 1925 by Walter Chrysler using the remains of the Maxwell Motor Company. The iconic Chrysler Pentastar was introduced in 1962. Designed by Robert Stanley, it was this symbol that Lynn Townsend, one of the company’s directors, chose from among seven hundred suggestions. There is a theory that the five ends of the star represent Chrysler’s five brands: Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, Imperial, and Airtemp.

2. Mercedes Benz- Car Logo With Stars

We cant talk about cars logo with stars without not taking about the Mercedes Benz. The famed Mercedes-Benz, part of the larger Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG), got its iconic three-pointed star logo back in 1909. After DMG founder – Gottlieb Daimler – passed away in 1900, his sons, in search for a logo for the brand, turned to the star symbol of their father’s home, which represented future prosperity for the company.

This Car Logo With Stars is one the most famous star logos in the worlds. The Mercedes Benz’s three-pointed star logo was well received, but it was not the only one. The board at Daimler registered a four-pointed star as a second trademark as well. Across time, only the three-pointed star version survived. There were three rays in the star because the engines, which were developed by Gottlieb Daimler, were made for cars, aviation, and ships. The logo received only minor changes. In 1916 it received the circle around the star, and finally ended up with today’s silver star inside a silver circle.

3. Pontiac- Car Logo With Stars

Initially, the Pontiac logo was designed in the form of an Indian headdress. In 1956, the Native American head design was retired. In order to appeal to youthful consumers looking for affordable performance vehicles, the old-fashioned Native American profile was replaced with a subtler, elegant emblem: a downward-facing, red arrowhead known as the “Dart.” it also had a silver four-pointed star at its apex. This Car Logo With Stars was a very elegant badge, which stays in memory even after the discontinuation of Pontiac production in 2010.

4. Subaru- Car Logo With Stars

The name Subaru means ‘The Pleiades’ in Japanese, which point to the star cluster in the Taurus Constellation. The Pleiades are a group of more than 800 stars located about 410 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus.

The emblem used on their cars shows the six most visible of these stars to the naked eye (Electra, Maia, Taygete, Asterope, Celaene and Alcyone). The Subaru logo is a blue oval with a chrome border, en-closing a galaxy of six four-pointed stars. The company Subaru came to exsistances as a result of a merger of 6 companies, headed by the parent, Fuji Heavy Industries. The larger star on the left represents Fuji Heavy Industries, and the five smaller stars on the right represent its subsidiaries, including Subaru, the automobile division.

5. Facel Vega- Car Logo With Stars:

The logo of Facel Vega featured a modern circular emblem with a strong geometric monogram in the center, and six black five-pointed stars separating the Facel Vega Name and its city, Paris. This is placed on a thick silver frame, accompanied by the full brand’s name written in black sans-serif letters.

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Before it started making cars,Facel Vega used to manufacture steel fittings and stamped steel components. Facel Vega was founded in 1939 to produce components for military aircraft, and only in 1945, together with the Métallon company, Facel began producing cars based on Simca, Ford, Panhard, and Delahaye models.

6. Jeep- Car Logo With Stars

Jeep is a one of the most famous American producer of off-road cars, SUVs and so forth. Established in 1945, the company is known to have changed it logo from time to time. In 1987 to 1993, the Jeep company placed the Jeep wordmark within a black box with curved corners. Above the logo in white was a pentagon showcasing an internal star. It resembled a pentagon with a thin star inside. It starts in the center and extends its tips towards each of the angles. As a result, it looks like the star divides the figure into 5 triangular sections.

7. Venucia- Car Logo With Stars

Venucia is a car marque of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company (Dongfeng Nissan), a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. The marque was launched in September 2010 by Dongfeng Nissan.

From February 2017 until the end of 2020, Venucia was spun off from Dongfeng Nissan as a separate Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. subsidiary focused on the marketing and production of cars, with the name Dongfeng Venucia Motor Company. In December 2020, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd announced it would merge Venucia back into Dongfeng Nissan.

The five stars of the brand logo represent the five promises of the company. They are as follows: respect for customers, creating value, always doing the best, achieving world-class quality, and following the dream.

8. JAC- Car Logo With Stars

JAC Motors is a Chinese state-owned automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer. The company is based in Hefei, Anhui Province, China. The top Chinese company, JAC, had a visual identity history similar to Chrysler, it used to have an elegant five-pointed Star with thin sharp beams, enclosed into a fine oval frame, as its official logo for several years, but the star was removed with the redesign of the insignia. And now the Asian car bran uses a text-based badge, which definitely looks bolder and more modern, but lacks sophistication and elegance.

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