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free movie apps 2021

Free movie apps 2020-2022 and beyond: You are a movie lover ain’t you? With just your smartphone and internet connection you can have free movie apps to watch as many movies as you want. There are thousands of movies and TV shows you can find on the web, but it’s hard to find a trusty streaming platform that doesn’t bombard you with ads or malicious links. So, the best thing you can do is download free movie apps where you can take all your favorite movies whenever and wherever you are.

With improved and bigger smartphones, users started to use smartphones as their personal space to watch and stream movies. And with the passage of time, we had witnessed exponential growth in the movie streaming industry. Here is your list of Free movie apps 2020-2022 and beyond:

Best Free Movie Apps for Android & iPhone

free movie apps 2020

1. Tubi TV free movie apps 2020 and beyond: First on the list is Tubi TV. Tubi TV is one of the favorite and free movie apps that can be found on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It has hundreds of independent films and TV episodes that aren’t available on other websites or applications. Tubi app streams content with more than 200 partners and the app is updated every day. You can watch comedy, family, action, horror, documentary, romance, sci-fi & fantasy, kids, and drama without having to register or pay for a membership. Are you looking for Free movie apps 2020-2022 and beyond? you should try it out.

2. Popcornflix Free movie apps: Haven’t heard of Popcornflix? Well, Today is your lucky day. The app is officially available on the Play Store and iTunes app store. There are more than 1500 movies available on the Popcornflix database. They update their database frequently so that all the latest movies can be watched online or downloaded. Popcornflix is a good option if u like to watch foreign movies.

Each movie on Popcornflix has details about the story and casting so you would have a preview of the content that you want to watch. You can also watch TV shows categorized as drama, family, and kids, reality TV, action and adventure, and so on. Popcornflix also features viral videos online about people, animals, and events.

3. Mr.TV: Best free movie streaming app: Mr.tv has been connecting our visitors with providers of Cable Television, Consumer Electronics, CRT Monitors, and many other related services. Mr.TV is a free streaming app based on IPTV protocol that lets you watch all the TV channels live, on your Android devices.

This Free movie apps 2020-2022 and beyond for Android is free to use and comes with negligible ad placement to let you consume video content without any disturbance. All the latest TV shows, the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies, and even old movies are available for streaming. If you are on a metered connection and cannot stream currently, you can download the content to your device to watch it later.

4. Stremio: Free movie apps 2020-2022 and beyond: Taking about best free movie apps in 2022, Stremio is among the best free movie apps for Movies and tv shows you should have on your mobile device.
The android app is really well developed and provides a large catalog of movies, TV shows, YouTube channels, and more.

Stremio is a modern media center that’s a one-stop solution for your video entertainment. The content comes from easy to install add-ons which you will find in the sidebar once you login into the app.

The app also provides subtitles, casting to the TV via Chromecast, Calendar with upcoming episodes, and notifications for new episodes of TV shows and YouTube channels.
The platform is supported on Windows, macOS, and Linux and provides great synchronization of your personal Library between your devices.

5. Momix: Best free movie App: Are you looking for Free movie apps 2020-2022 and beyond? you should try it out. Momix is one of the best unknown Android apps that is a mother lode of streaming videos, movies, and TV shows. The application has a small storage footprint as it is a streaming application but you can also choose to download your favorites. It requires an upfront registration and access to your storage before you can enter the application. The registration is clumsy sometimes but once you are logged in, there are no issues after that.

The free movie app’s search function is super detailed and allows you to refine your search by filtering release years, categories, and more relevant filters. When you click on a title, you get the description and its playback time among other useful details. The video playback is decent and is capped at 720 HD resolution. There is no option for 1080 pixels playback as it is a free application that charges nothing for the content.

5. Cyberflix TV Free movie apps 2021: Cyberflix TV is one of the kings of Free movie apps 2020-2022 and beyond. Cyberflix TV is another version of Terrarium TV and is one of the free movie apps for users who love watching movies. This app offers thousands of movies and TV shows that are of 4K quality, 1080p, and 720p, providing video links for each content from the web. It has the latest movies and TV shows as well as the classics and those that are found in Netflix and Hulu apps. Cyberflix TV is supported by Google Chromecast and can be viewed on your smart TV.

6. Vudu Free movie apps 2021: Vudu has become a household name as it is one of the best free movie apps that offer movies and TV shows that you watch with no subscription needed. You can also download movies so that you can watch them offline wherever you go. You can enjoy movies in 4K HD.

The free movie app, Vudu allows you to stream online anytime you want. This app is also supported by Google Chromecast so you can cast your favorite movie directly to your smart TV.

7. Netflix SV4: Free Movie Apps For Android: Netflix SV4 Apk is ​​a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning television programs, movies, anime, documentaries, and more. Netflix SV4 basically lets you watch all the latest Tv shows and movies for free in different video quality.

I would say this is the best alternative to any paid video streaming application. The app has a very minimal UI and looks that let you navigate through all the videos, series, and dramas. All the content available on this platform are in High-quality resolution. Also, you have the option to cast the video using Chromecast. All these perks are available without any charges, which makes it the best Android app on our list.

8. Pluto TV: Next up is another King of free Movie apps. Pluto TV is a real versatile movie streaming app that has a number of platforms including Android and iOS. This app is broadcasting over 100 live channels which include TV shows, movies, and internet videos. A lot of media is organized in categories such as Action, Horror, and Drama. Pluto TV provides the facility to the users to hide the channels that users don’t want to watch and it is very beneficial for the parents to protect their children.

The free mobile movies app, Pluto TV does not only provide services to the Android and iOS systems but it also supports Amazon Fire and Roku and smoothly runs on them. This does not charge you even a single dollar for providing all the services to you. It also provides a description of movies that are playing later and are not live right now. This is a nice addition to watching free movies.

9. Flix4U: Free Movie Apps For Android: Flix4u is another savior in the free movies app. The app provides movies in multiple languages with different genres. It includes Bollywood, Hollywood movies, web series, dramas, reality shows, documentaries, and much more. The content is available in multiple languages which makes it much preferable. The app provides all the features which a paid video streaming app provides, so why should we not try if we are getting it without paying anything.

10. Showbox: Best Free Movie Apps: Showbox is one of the best free movie apps in 2021 on our list of best movie apps for Android. The app lets you stream content from third-party websites with ease. Apart from this, the app comes with an easy UI, so you will not face any difficulty in operating the app.

The app content can be accessed on any of your devices, whether it’s your smartphone, your PC, or your laptop plus the app contains all the contents that a movie lover will love to watch.

11. OneBox HD: Best Free Movie Apps 2021: Ever dreamt of having one app on your phone for free movies? OneBox HD is one of the top free movie apps that can fulfill such a purpose because it contains the latest movies and TV shows. You can choose from different genres such as action, comedy, documentary, family, horror, mystery, adventure, and history.

OneBox HD lets you search and download videos so you could watch them anytime, anywhere without the subscription. You also need an external player to be able to watch movies. This app is also supported by Google Chromecast which lets you watch your movies on your cast players to your Smart TV.

12. MovieBox Pro: Best free movie apps 2021: MovieBox Pro is one of the greatest free movie apps available, and its user interface is simple to use. This software provides a variety of capabilities to users without the need for logins or paid subscriptions.

MovieBox Pro has a large library of movies and TV shows organized by genre, rating, year of release, and type of material, all without being interrupted by irritating advertisements. You can watch your favorite episodes in SD quality, but if you become a VIP member, you can also view them in HD. You can also download your favorite films to view them while on the go.

13. FilmRise: Best free movie apps 2020: You can watch over 5000 movies, TV series, and documentaries on FilmRise. On Android and iOS devices, it is a perfectly legal way to watch movies and TV episodes. Bollywood, African, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean films are available in the app. This is to have an app that allows you to watch free movies, such as this one.

Every month, new content is added to the app, and the greatest part is that you don’t have to pay anything to use it; it’s a completely free app for watching and downloading movies.

14. Plex TV: Free movie apps 2020-2022 and beyond: Looking for one of the best, well here you go. The Plex app is one of the best free movie apps, but it does things differently. It lets you to create your own playlists, watch movies, watch live TV, and stream from a variety of platforms for free. Plex TV, on the other hand, requires registration before you can begin streaming.

Plex TV is absolutely free, although it is sponsored by advertisements. There is a premium version with no advertisements, but you must pay for it. Some of the TV networks available on Plex TV are FOX, NBC, CBS, and Univision.

15. Crackle: Free Movie Apps For Android and Iphone: The Crackle app has movies and TV shows that are relatively old but have excellent casting and reviews. You may search for content based on genres to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Crackle uses its own internal player, so all you have to do is watch it through your device’s app. You may also choose whether to view with or without subtitles, as well as change the audio track from English to Spanish. Google Chromecast is also compatible with this app.

16. Yidio: Firestick Movie Apps: Want to enjoy great movies? Yidio is the app for you. The Yidio movie app is for individuals who are constantly eager for additional material. The software provides movie streaming by combining content from other platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. It is self-evident that if the app provides you with content from the greatest sources available, you will have to pay a fee.

Many of the movies and episodes are available for free, but you will need to pay to access the greatest material. For movie buffs, this app is a must-have.

17. MegaBox HD: free movie apps 2021: Maybe you’re seeking for ShowBox alternatives now that it’s been shut down — MegaBox HD is a viable option. MegaBox HD is another free movie software that allows you to watch the most recent movies and TV series in 360p, 720p, or 1080p resolution. External players are typically used to play videos in free movie apps. MegaBox HD is free of advertisements and supports high-definition videos. There are no subscriptions or premiums required for this app. You can effortlessly download and select subtitles for your favorite movies and TV episodes at any time.

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18. IMDb Movies & TV Shows: Best free movie apps 2022 for Andriod and Iphone: By ratings and popular features IMBD app is a go to app. The IMDb app is one of the greatest free movie applications available, providing the most up-to-date information about cinematic releases as well as a large collection of films divided into genres for easier viewing. Because of the app’s speedy and simple UI, you can effortlessly explore and watch movies. This app displays box office hits together with synopses to help you decide what to watch next. You can search for movies or browse a selection of popular films, all of which are available in HD. Any movie on IMDb can be streamed or downloaded for free without any trouble.

19. Popcorn Time: Best free movie apps 2022 for Andriod and Iphone: One of the latest to joining the king of free movie apps is Popcorn Time. Popcorn Time is a new Android and iOS app for viewing movies. It is also a free app that requires no payment to use. You can not only watch movies online with this app, but you can also download them to your smartphone.

The Popcorn Time app downloads.torrent files from movies or episodes of TV shows that you want to view and streams them to your mobile device. As a result, Popcorn Time is the best app for watching movies from the massive pirate library simply by searching for them. It’s a list of free movie apps recommended by the editor.

20. Movie Anywhere: Best free movie apps 2021 for Andriod and Iphone: Just as the name suggests, Movie Anywhere is a great free movie app that lets you watch hundreds of movies in high definition any where at anytime provided you have internet connection on your phone. This app offers descriptions, trailers, and the movie’s rating for each film. You can select from a variety of server URLs provided by the app. Movie Anywhere also includes movies from subscription services such as Netflix. It also includes a weekly update of the finest movies, allowing you to select and view the most recent films with the highest ratings.

21. BeeTV: free movie apps 2020: Last but not the least on this list is BeeTV. BeeTV is a simple free movie app with a large library of movies and TV series divided into different genres that people of all ages may enjoy. The interface of this software is clean and basic, making it simple to use. Before you can begin watching, you must first select a player (internal or external). Videos can be viewed with or without subtitles, with or without an external player, and at any moment can be downloaded. All of the movies and TV shows are in high definition, so you can watch all of your favorites.

free movie apps 2020


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