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The youth of Budada in the Buem District of the Oti Region pelted stones against police vehicle damaging the vehicle.

Their reason was that the police tried to stop them from playing street jamaz on the Easter festivity and a graduation ceremony.

According to Hon. Rebecca Addy Assembly woman of the Area, she and some Elders of the town and some pastor tried to stop the youth from having these programs after receiving unexpected call from the police Commander of the area but they turned down their ear on them.

The Police say they are not ready to speak with the media.

But elders of the town were ask by police to bring 4 persons today to police station for investigations.

The 4 persons are the organizers of the program, the 2 DJs and the owners of the systems. After the front windscreen was smashed and the back was damaged with the taylight by the angry youths.

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