Women Rush For Men In These 5 Countries: Men This is Your Chance

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Sex ratio is the ratio of females to males in a population, the natural sex ratio at birth is often considered to be 101.5 males to 100 females. This Meaning there are slightly more males than females in the world. On the global scene, the difference appears to favor the men but the difference varies from one country to another. Data from the UN says out of the 201 countries,125 countries have more women than men but the percentage is from 50.1% to 54.2%. In the Middle Eastern Nations and part of North Africa, the data seems to favor men over women, and the ratios are wide. Some countries such as Qatar and Arab Emirates have just around 24.6%,30.7%, and 34.1% as women. Let seem countries with more female population than males.

5.Armenia: This is also a country with 53.60 percent of the population being women leaving only 46.40 percent for the males. It is a country located in the mountainous regions between Asia and Europe. It shares a border with Turkey. Armenia Women are also very pretty, well educated, and looking for life partners. 

4. Ukraine: Europe’s largest country and a Soviet Union country that got its independence after its collapse. Many men in Ukraine are affected by mental and other health-related problems that increase their mortality this gives 53.70% of the total population to women. Ukraine women are very beautiful and treat their men very properly because it’s not easy to find a man and a good one for that matter.

3. Curacao: Curacao is an island in the south of the Caribbean Sea. It is well known for its beaches and beautiful women. This country has 53.90 of its total population being women. the gender difference is 100 women to 92 men. The life expectancy of the women in this country is also higher than that of the men. 

2. Lithuania: This is a country that shares borders with Latvia. Not more than a decade after it regained its independence when the Soviet Union collapsed. It has fine and beautiful sandy beaches that fit the beauty of its gorgeous woman. The women make up 54.0% of its population and the men make up only 46% of the total. In this country, the number of males that smoke is greater than the women which expose them to a lot of health-related issues, and 80% of suicides are being committed by males. This women cherish their man and treat them good.

Latvia: It is a country located in north-eastern Europe, on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. It has a lot of beaches as well as forests. The country is just not beautiful it also has a bevy, beautiful single woman. The percentage of the female population is 54.2% and that of the men is 45.8%. This means Latvia has 100 women to 88 men. Women are more educated and are less likely to die young than men. The high rate of Mortality due to alcoholism, smoking, and careless driving among men makes it very hard to find a partner.

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