Rebeca Garza Vargas, Untold Truth about Pedro Fernandez wife & More

Rebeca Garza Vargas is the wife of the popular Mexican singer, songwriter, actor, and television host Pedro Fernandez. Rebeca came to the limelight after she was linked to a famous musician. She was born in Mexico but the exact town is unknown.

Rebeca Garza Vargas

Profile Summary:

  • Real Name: Rebeca Garza Vargas
  • Famous As: Wife of Pedro Fernandez
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Birthplace: California, United States
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Status: Married
  • Spouse: Pedro Fernandez
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Kids : Osmara, Gema Guadalupe, Karina Fernandez

Pedro and Rebeca Garza Vargas Marriage Life

She has been happily married to the love of her life, Pedro since 1987. He met his future wife, as she was being crowned state beauty queen from Reynosa, Tamaulipas.  Rebeca Garza Vargas got married to her husband Pedro Fernandez at the age of 18 and they have given birth to three beautiful children. The children, Gema Guadalupe, Osmara, and Karina Fernandez. A lot of information regarding their love story, how they meet, how he proposed, or how their wedding was. In an interview for TV and Novelas, Garza said that she is a happy wife, also explained that she is the jealous type.

Rebeca is submerged in a scandal, some time ago, the actor’s wife gave Pedro a hard time, due to an attack of jealousy. Then his celebrity wife viewed her husband’s work coexistence with Marjorie de Sousa in ‘Aventurero’ with a bad eye and forced her husband to quit the project.

The duo happily married for 26 years and has three children. Rebeca’s name began to appear in the media due to some controversy. The couple always maintained a cordial relationship with their colleagues and their followers.

She later said during an interview: “The communication, the affection and the love that we have for each other, and that we support each other in everything. At first, when we were newly married, I did not understand his career, but three years later I knew that I had to trust at”.

Rebeca knows that Pedro is an actor and a musician, he might meet with beautiful women onset but all she had to do is to trust his husband to do the right thing to keep them together. Since their marriage, they have been living happily together.

Accused of Breaking up a Marriage

The couple was accused of breaking up the marriage of their daughter Osmara. An accusation made by the actor and singer about an alleged attempted rape of his daughter’s husband on the daughter. Pedro denounced Christopher Dubois’s married to her daughter Osmara. They also accused him of abusing their daughter. Then she has gone through a high-risk pregnancy.

Rebeca Garza Vargas and her husband became the villains’ of the controversy, as they were identified as the culprits of ending their daughter’s relationship. The media dedicated to showing this situation to the show in Mexico, as the news caused a lot of stir. Then the couple’s son-in-law warned by suing Fernandez and said that Osmara’s parents pressured her to leave him, in the midst of what was a misunderstanding that he clarified to the press.

Net Worth of Rebeca Garza Vargas

Wondering about the net worth of Rebca right? well, the net worth of Rebecca has not been made public but believe this celebrity wife Rebeca might be living a luxurious life living with his husband. But she has kept details of her professional career in the dark. Also, she has kept her net worth, salary, and earnings under review.

Rebeca’s husband is believed to be worth between $1Million- 5 million. He has been earning a handsome sum of money from his professional career. Pedro is yet to reveal his earnings from his career.

More About Rebeca and her Husband’s Career

  • The gorgeous woman is yet to revealed her professional career. But her husband Pedro Fernandez is a famous Mexican singer, songwriter, actor, and television host.
  • Pedro Fernandez’s real name is Jose Martin Cuevas Cobos but well-known for his stage name Pedro Fernandez. He adopted a stage name that reflected his love affair with ranchera music and two of its icons: Pedro Infante and Vicente Fernández.
  • Rebeca’s husband started his career at an early stage. At the age of seven, he started his international career.
  • In the year 1978, his first album, La de la Mochila Azul, named after the single.
  • Her husband Pedro starring role in the film La Nina de la mochila Azul (The Girl with the Blue Backpack) in 1979. Also, he led to a lifetime career of recording and film contracts.
  • Also, he has recorded thirty-nine albums, acted in seven soap operas, and twenty-five films.
  • Fernandez has won 4 Latin Grammy Awards. Then his stage name composed of the names of two of his favorite singers, (Pedro) Infante and Vicente (Fernandez).

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