We’re Ready For You On August 4th: Police Sends Message To #FixTheCountry Demonstrators

The fixTheCountry agenda is still on and the Ghana Police Service has just sent a strong message to the youths of the movement concerning their planned demonstration in the country on the 4th of August. The leaders and members have planned to undertake a peaceful procession on some principal streets of Accra to make their frustrations and discomfort about the current government on some challenges that need immediate fixing in the country.  

previously, the demonstrators have been blocked by the police on several occasions and the matter even ended in court. Since then, the conveners have been having series of meetings with the police on the way forward. The Police began softening their stance after they allowed the National Democratic Congress to have their demonstration recently. 

Even before the police would give the Fix the country conveners the permission to go ahead with their protest, some parts of Accra have already been flooded with billboards announcing the demonstration date and convening point for all members. It is promising to be a massive demonstration on August 4, 2021.

The police have finally released a simple message to the conveners. The simple statement indicates that there have been a serious meeting with the conveners and an agreement has been reached on how the demonstration should be organized. All protocols on the deadly coronavirus outbreak must be adhered to by any member who will participate in the demonstration.

Failure to do so will be a breach of the laws and appropriate sanctions will be applied. The Police are ready to ensure that all the needed security is provided for the safety of the demonstrators. The number of personnel to be deployed was not specified but the police high command has expressed their full readiness to ensure a successful demonstration.

The two parties have finally agreed on the terms needed for a peaceful demonstration and there will be a different matter if the demonstrators abuse their part of the bargain. This is good news for the fixthecountry demonstrators who have been fighting for Ghana to be better for all.  

The fix the country demonstration is going to take place on the 4 of August 2021 in Accra.

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