VIDEO-“People Call Him An Alien” – The Story Of A Boy With A Triangular Head

We all believe we’ve seen everything until we actually do. Some things are inexplicable, and when we encounter them, we feel as though our troubles are little in comparison to issues like these. Meet Sidiveri, a baby who is referred to as an extraterrestrial by bullies. His mother, Liberata, relates the story of her kid, who has a triangle-shaped skull and is referred to as an alien by bullies.

What is happening to this woman’s kid is incredible, and everyone who sees it is stunned and dumbfounded. This mother, on the other hand, is very concerned for the survival of her child since what she is going through is too much for her.

Her husband abandoned her the instant he saw this kid, telling her that he does not give birth to monsters and that she should return it to the devil who gave it to her.

She has struggled with life throughout her existence, and she continues to do so today. Liberata claims that she became insane as a result of what was happening to her.

No one ever wanted to talk to her since they all flee as soon as they saw the baby. They call it a monster and an alien and they are all scared of it.

This infant is in excruciating discomfort since it is always wailing, and what continues to irritate his mother is that she is unable to stop it. No one is willing to assist her since she is unable to adequately explain or communicate what she is always carrying. She used to live in the city, but due to this kid, she now finds herself in a town where she was born, distant from the city, looking for help.

She had a family in the city earlier, but her husband abandoned her and the rest of her children, who are normal, and never returned. Life became so difficult for her in the city so she had to leave her children there on their own and come to her hometown with the last one to seek help from family members.

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She had no choice but to be tough and go through everything since she didn’t have any other options. Her family members felt terrible for her and encouraged her to kill the kid since it would only bring her misery and sadness in the future. She couldn’t murder her own kid, so she resolved to attempt all she could till the very last moment.

Watch the video below:

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