VIDEO-“I don’t have any Cars, am just doing it for views”- Twene Jonas Caught confessing

  • A Ghanaian man living in America has accosted Twene Jonas on the streets
  • In a new video going viral, the outspoken Ghanaian vlogger was seen telling the man that he was just pretending to be rich
  • He was heard telling the man that he was only boasting for likes on social media

Outspoken Ghanaian vlogger and social commentator, Twene Jonas, has found himself in hot water after another Ghanaian living in the USA confronted him on the streets. In the video sighted by, the businessman known as Chris Dollar was seen walking on the streets and bumped into Jonas who was also on his social media rant.

The man approached him and asked why Jonas was always trying to disgrace Ghanaians in America by his actions and words.

He went on to ask Twene Jonas to show him the Lamborghini and Porsche cars he claims to own and also show him the apartment he lives in.

In response to the man’s request, Twene Jonas wanted to pause the live view but the video didn’t pause and he said he did not have any car but was only bragging to be rich just for likes and views on social media.

He said if he told people the truth, they would not be so keen to listen to him and follow him on social media.

Chris Dollar went on to point his place of work to Twene Jonas and told him that he has been an employee of that institution for the past 20 years.

He went on to ask Jonas to stop bragging and making it seem as though he had it all figured out because it was going to put unnecessary pressure on the youth in Ghana.

Twene Jonas then said he was going to move from where he lives and come closer to the man so that they can enjoy life.

Watch the video below:

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