[Video]-Cheating man helps sidechic jump from storey building when wife came home

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When his wife came knocking, a cheating husband had no choice but to assist his sidechic leap down from the story building they were having an alleged affair on.

His wife apparently believed that her husband was in there with a lady since she had to pound on the door many times before it opened.

Sensing impending mayhem, the guy dashed out into the corridor to see his wife below beating on the door. He dashed inside and assisted this petite side chic in jumping down from the storey.

Onlookers helped her to get down safely after the wife had forcefully opened the door and gone inside to assess the situation. The diminutive side chic quickly hid under cardboard in order to hide from the angry woman.

She was eventually caught and the chase that took place is best seen in the video below:

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